OnePlus 2 Gets Benchmarked In A Video, Invite System Opens, VR Launch App Goes Live

The OnePlus 2 launch is almost here and we have got most of the specifications regarding the OnePlus Two. Now that a variant of the phone with (ONE A2001) has visited AnTuTu benchmarks in China, certified in front of video, that eventually shows the smartphone with a physical home button.


The yet-unannounced OnePlus 2 made an unscheduled appearance, scored a tad above 49,000 in AnTuTu, which is a significantly lower result that the previously leaked 63,000 core from a few days ago, because the reports vary from the hardware variant of the smartphone, with 3GB or 4GB of RAM.


It’s worth noting that the handset on the video is an A2001 model with 16GB of internal storage, which it boots the China-only Hydrogen OS ROM based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop on top. The global OnePlus 2 will run Lollipop-based OxygenOS with Android M inclusions. Specs on the phone, you can see an mproved version of Snapdragon 810 v2.1 CPU, USB Type-C port, fingerprint sensor, 4GB RAM, 3300mAh battery, faster LTE support and a dual-SIM card as well. With a 5.5-inch FullHD (1080p) display, the OnePlus 2 claims to have a 13MP rear camera with laser autofocus and a 5MP front camera with flash. Price for the OnePlus 2 will be between $320 and $450, confirmed by the company itself.


Here’s the first glimpse at the OnePlus 2 during its visit in TENAA earlier this week. It is announced that OnePlus 2 will have about 30 to 50 times the number of invites they had last year for the OnePlus One. Now that it has started taking registrations that will give you a chance to get an invite if you’re lucky. An invite needs to be claimed within 24 hours after you receive it. When an invite expires, the corresponding OnePlus 2 will be alloted to someone else waiting for an invitation.

This is the global invite for purchase from the official website.

1. You can register for an invite here.

2. Indian users can register for an invite here.

As promised, OnePlus has released the OnePlus 2 Launch VR app on Google Play, which is a Cardboard-free 360-degree experience for thos who have no Cardboard VR hands-on. The OnePlus 2 announcement is set for July 27th at 7:00 PM PT (July 28th 7:30 AM IST).

Note: There is a separate event for OnePlus 2 launch in India on July 28th. OnePlus has announced that there is a separate registration page for the Indian users.

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