OnePlus 5 Dual Camera Confirmed Now Officially By OnePlus

OnePlus has officially shows off the OnePlus 5 in a teaser image confirming that it comes with a dual camera setup. Here are the details.

As of today, we are now able to look at an official render of the OnePlus 5 – albeit one that only shows half of its rear side. Revealed by OnePlus itself, showing off the handset features “dual cameras” for “clearer photos.”

The dual camera system on OnePlus 5 seemingly looks a lot like the rear camera of Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus, though it’s fairly best for us to leave this comparison for when we get our hands on a OnePlus 5, once released and shipped. Also read: The OnePlus 5 Might Get An Iconic iPhone Feature, Teams Up With DxO

With the aforementioned revealing of the new teaser and half-render, OnePlus appears to be confirming what we assumed earlier this week. Also, the OnePlus 5 resembles the currently available Oppo R11, though it’s going to offer higher-end features.

For now, there’s nothing more than a leaked OnePlus 5 render in half but some surprises left for the June 20 announcement of the handset. Less than two weeks left before the premire version of OePlus 5 flagship makes its appearance on stage. Do you agree the fact that the OnePlus 5 look quite similar to that of Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus?

Update x1: the OnePlus 5 pricing details are also been circulating on the Internet, as said, OnePlus may sell it for €550 in Europe, $550 in the US. Yet another clue may have just surfaced out of … the rules of a Facebook contest.

Saying that this upcoming music festival in Finland called Provinssi, and OnePlus is one of its sponsors. To promote the event, the guys are currently hosting a Facebook contest where one can win two VIP passes (normally costs 199 euro each) for the show plus a OnePlus 5 phone. According to the rules, the total value of the prize is 948 euro, and since 398 euro is what the two passes cost, it’s pretty easy to deduct that the OnePlus 5 is valued at 550 euro.

Now that a OnePlus 5 breaking the $500 mark wouldn’t come as a huge surprise, then? Stay tuned for more information!

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