OnePlus 5 Features And Specs Leaks Again With Pricing

It looks like this year’s OnePlus 5 flagship smartphone sounds like the killer-candidate. Although the first batch of unfounded OnePlus 5 specs have started doing the rounds, including it’s 5.5-inch display, Snapdragon 835 chipset, 3000mAh battery, 23-megapixel camera and a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Here we have five new features that the OnePlus 5 could be the phone to be reckoned with in 2017. Read the latest rumors on the OP5 specifications, features and UK launch timeframe.

OnePlus 5 Rumored Features Includes

Water Resistance

The OnePlus 5 price point may make make this unlikely, but considering how adapted we’ve become to various flaghips having water-resistance, OnePlus could also squeeze an IP68 rating into the given budget.

Dual Camera

It seems like OnePlus should get one camera at Pixel or Galaxy levels before becoming a big rival, slapping a second one on there and they’re probably right, but for the company that prides itself on delivering a flagship experience, a dual camera is a must have if planning to beat the best of the best this year.

Plenty of Chinese phone makers have announced phones with the number four in their name, but it has been proven that the company that owns OnePlus also makes devices under the Vivo brand jumped directly from the Vivo V3 to V5 with the same expected reasoning, because 4 is somewhat unlucky to many.

OnePlus 5 Dual-Lens Camera

The potential of saying your phone has a dual camera when even the Galaxy S8 doesn’t, OnePlus thinking about also making that whole “flagship killer” line a little easier to swallow. Sadly though, don’t expect to see the OnePlus 5 price tag will allow for a second camera now, rather a nice one would be better.

This includes rumors of a 23MP rear camera and 16MP front camera. Chances are the rear cam will be a dual-lens module with optical image stabilization.


Sources claiming that OnePlus 5 will arrive with a dual-curved-edge display like that of the Galaxy S7 Edge. A new design with slim bezels and no Home button, ready to tackle Samsung’s.

OnePlus 5 Design and Other Specs

Leaks from China suggest very thin side bezels, or possibly an “all-screen” type design as a major change coming to the OnePlus 5. The company also supposedly doing away with the physical Home button, too, and moving the fingerprint scanner to the back panel – for more sensible place than Samsung’s camera-smudging placement.

Wireless Charging

OnePlus already has fast charging locked down with the excellent Dash Charge, but the metal back of the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T deny us the possibility of wireless charging, which may have taken largely back seat in popularitry of fast charging in the last year or so. Wireless charging is still a lot of fans would appriciate on the OnePlus 5.

Fortunately, the rumor mill has already posited a glass or ceramic back for the OnePlus 5, so we may expect to see with wireless charging if that pans out. Perhaps wireless charging could be achieved via the lucrative accessories with optional back panels equipped with charging coils.

More RAM memory

On OnePlus 5, we are expecting to see a whopping 8GB of the RAM stuff, and OP knows darn well how to sell the extra memory put in its handsets. The OP3 still a big deal for having 6 GB of RAM anywhere in the world. The few 6GB handsets today are China-exclusives.

OnePlus 5 Concept

Additional RAM might not give them any considerable speed advantages, but surely makes a smartphone appear more powerful and cutting-edge. And when we speaking about an 8GB RAM, OnePlus will easily make the Galaxy S8, which hovers between 4 gigs and 6 gigs in different markets, seem a tad underpowered.

With that said, excess RAM is expected to be packaged with the Snapdragon 835 variant and a 2K-resolution QHD display.

MicroSD expansion

No matter what OEMs say about faster flash storage and dubious security, the vast majority of consumers want extra storage space. It would make happy when you take a slight hit in terms os read/write speeds in order to be able to throw a 256 GB microSD card for all your music, footage or whatever else.

Paying attention on a fortune extra to get a 128 GB version is not most people’s idea of a good compromise and, what the CEO of OnePlus Carl Pie said is tha, most users don’t think microSD is “not a good user experience”. Don’t forget, the OnePlus X launched with a dedicated microSD card slot and there’s no reason the tray couldn’t also be used for a second SIM if 64 GB is enough for you or you prioritize performance over additional cheap storage.

Better Battery life than most

Rumored to stand at between 3500mAh to 4000mAh, the OnePlus 5’s large battery capacity and its power-efficient SD835 chipset will probably make for excellent battery backup. The line is clear for OnePlus to come up with one of the longest-lasting Android smartphones this year.. if it really wants to. So OnePlus, please, give the people what they want: it worked out fine with NFC after all.

OnePlus 5 Bigger Battery

5th point is hard to resist!

Pricing is going to be the biggest kicker. Word is, OnePlus 5 is going to sell all the aforementioned goodness for less than $500! Isn’t it very affordable for a handset this up-to-date, easily up to $300-$350 less than what any competitor on the Western market has on offer right now.

OnePlus 5 Concept 2

Unfortunately, OnePlus doesn’t have the advantage of working with carriers anywhere in Europe or the US, and warranty or customer support may be spotty, depending on where to purchase from. The OnePlus 5 will be an insta-buy for a lot of people, but it would be an even more attractive option to those that have had their OnePlus update fingers burned in the past.

What do you want most from the upcoming OnePlus 5? Stay tuned for more!

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