OnePlus 5T Review: An Outstanding Combination Of Specs, Design, And Price

Announced OnePlus 5T on 16th and OnePlus finally puts an end to the rumors though. The best phone without a great camera is here. OnePlus is one of those beguiling companies that seem to promise impossibly wonderful things, like OnePlus 5 and now, the OnePlus 5T.

Flagship products at budget prices, the OnePlus 5T is damn good phone and available at a pretty reasonable price-tag. I like the new OnePlus 5T for many reasons. This device is full of all the right ideas – hardware design, software responsiveness, and overall usability.

Specifications-wise, OnePlus 5T gets everything which the company wrote on the paper. This phone isn’t the total fulfillment of every objective that OnePlus set for itself. This one is the most refined OnePlus phone yet.

Starting at $550, or just $20 more than the OnePlus 5, the all-new OnePlus 5T isn’t going to wow you with its looks. But it definitely catches you on other aspects when concerned. It features a design that’s as handsome and high-end as aby Galaxy S or iPhone competitor.

OnePlus 5T: A Premium Feel Right Out Of The Box

There are reasons when you dig into the internals and external description to understand. A phone review is much difficult to impress anyone. The OnePlus 5T is that rare device that made me appreciate its premium feel as it was unboxed. The packaging is perfectly standard for OnePlus, and the phone itself is so beautiful dominated by the 6-inch OLED display, with neatly symmetrical bezels at top and bottom just holding the thing together.

Refresh! By OnePlus 5T’s design is one of efficiency and optimization, and comparing this new device against anything previous from OnePlus. The 5T has a thin-bezel craze that OnePlus is now participating in. Thin-bezel phones are quickly going to grab the market, and anyone stuck with a fat-bezel device will feel behind the curve. This OnePlus 5T looks lovely today and be confident in saying it will still look modern and fresh a year from now.

OnePlus 5T: Hardware and Software Highlights

What’s good here is that the move of the fingerprint sensor from the front to the back of the phone has been a total triumph. Covered by a smooth ceramic, the reader sits exactly where you’d find it comfortable and a third of the way down. OnePlus has also added a new Face Unlock feature to the 5T, Vs. iPhone X’s Face ID?

After the LG V30, the OnePlus 5T becomes the second phone of its kind launched with a 6-inch screen crammed inside the frame of a 5.5-inch handset. Single-handed use of 6″ phone still sounds futuristic to me, but the V30, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Plus, Xiaomi’s Mi MIX 2, and now the OnePlus 5T have all accomplished it, even if the 18:9 aspect ratio breaks the screen size math a little bit.

OnePlus 5T’s Camera Bump has grown taller

My only complaint about the OnePlus 5T’s industrial design is the camera bump. Otherwise, OnePlus 5T’s design is practically faultless. It’s taller than it was on the OnePlus 5, which the company explains as having been caused by the screen occupying more space inside the phone. Aside from that, the OnePlus 5T also happens to have one of the better displays on the market today.

OnePlus 5T: Competition

This device, OnePlus 5T has a 6-inch 18:9 OLED screen, which was to fear it was another of those poor LG OLED panels that have plagued the V30 and Google’s Pixel 2 XL. However, as OnePlus wisely wanted until it could secure a Samsung OLED screen, and you have been super satisfied with that choice.

OnePlus 5T’s OLED display

It’s just a very good and reliable screen on OnePlus 5T, and the firm has gone to the trouble of providing sRGB and DCI-P3 color calibration options for those of us who care. The biggest advantage of this display over the majority of others is the slimness of its bezels, which either way OnePlus enhances with a thoughtful software tweak.

The on-screen Android buttons, which are typically pervasive across all apps that don’t even take over in full-screen mode, can be “minimized” on the 5T. You can choose to have them hidden until you want to use them, at which point you can bring them back with a swipe up from the bottom.

The aforementioned technical feature gives you the entire 6-inch screen to read tweets and compose emails on, freeing up yet more space. The OnePlus 5T can feel downright luxurious compared to other top-end Android phones in an info-dense app like Gmail, Slack, or Kindle.

The OnePlus 5T Beats OnePlus 5 With Upgrade Display

Another improvement from OnePlus with the 5T is a so-called Sunlight Display mode. Indeed, it’s a part of the company’s adaptive mode. It kicks in when it detects you’re out in bright sunlight. The 2160×1080 pixels resolution of the 5T isn’t the highest available, however with 401ppi, it’s ample for most people’s need. It is to be seen how it looks when it’s off: the 5T’s Samsung OLED panel isn’t quite as black as the bezels, rather, it reflects a little more light.

This OnePlus 5T review up to this point, good design, great display, with a couple of small critiques. Gets a better design, display, and now a definitively better camera, too. It’s arguably unfair that comparing the OnePlus 5T to Samsung, Google, and LG flagships that cost dramatically more than the 5T. And of course, the 5T wins on design and display, but its biggest limitations are apparent with the quality of its images.

OnePlus 5T’s full Optic AMOLED 18:9 display complements the masterfully crafted all-aluminum body for a sleek, yet resilient design.

The New Dual Camera System of OnePlus 5T still Lags The rivalry

Having tried an iPhone-like dual-camera system with the 5 – one wide-angle lens and one telephoto – OnePlus is now switching things up again with an entirely new idea. Both lenses on the OnePlus 5T have a wide f/1.7 aperture, and the secondary is now a dedicated low-light sensor, meaning they get plenty of light in, with the main shooter offering a 16-megapixel resolution (with 1.12μm pixels) and the second one coming in at 20 megapixels (with pixels measuring 1μm).

Two neat things to note down about the OnePlus 5T’s camera interface; One is the ability to shoot by holding your finger on the fingerprint sensor on the back, especially for those who prefer to shoot selfies with the rear camera. The next one is the Pro Mode, which displays a histogram and gives access to manual ISO, white balance, and shutter speed adjustments.

Optimized for low-light and portrait photography. OnePlus 5T’s camera is a highly rated 16 + 20MP camera sensor, helps you capture crystal clear shots.

Internal Details: OnePlus 5T

It gets a Snapdragon 835 SoC with Adreno 540 graphics, which is flanked by either 6GB (good) or 8GB (entirely expensive) of RAM. It corresponding 64GB or 128GB of internal storage. No expansion option available, but you get two nano-SIM card slots. More interesting about it is that OnePlus is one among the first to support Bluetooth 5, which together with support for AptX HD makes this phone a good candidate to serve as your source for wireless music listening. Another thing is that OnePlus is staying faithful to its users by also continuing to include a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The 3,300mAh battery packaging of the OnePlus 5T’s highest power technology still has Dash Charge. Delighted with it, Dash Charge is probably the best charging solution on the planet. A day’s power in half an hour. Dash Charge is OnePlus’s signature powering solution, is the end of overnight charging.

On the software front, OnePlus 5T’s is that the majority of its deviations from Google’s stock Android settings are for the better. In terms of Android UI, you can swipe down on the fingerprint reader to see your notifications, you can flip the order of your Android keys, and of course, you can double-tap the sleeping screen to activate it.

The best of Android refined. OxygenOS is streamlined with feedback from the users for a refreshing user experience. The 5T is a $499 phone doing admirable battle with devices sometimes twice its price. As it is still not a waterproof phone.

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