OnePlus 6 Leaked Photos Reveal iPhone X-Like Display, Notch, Dual Vertical Cameras, Glass Back

Hot now is the topic related to OnePlus 6, a successor smartphone to OnePlus 5T of 2017. And what’s more familiar is with its leaked photos showing off iPhone X-like display along with a notch at the top, vertical dual-lens vertical camera setup, and glass back. Here are the details you need to know about it.

Just before the new of OnePlus 6 leaked, we had in touch with ASUS announced its very own smartphone, with ZenFone 5 display notch ala the iPhone X with the arrival. We also have news that another popular Android OEM appears to be all set to follow Apple’s Face ID suit, allowing for an instant bezel-free phone while still having somewhere for those important sensors and camera lenses to live.

Photos appeared through a leak, said to be of the un-announced OnePlus 6 – started to pop up online, and they disclose what is becoming a bit of a trend among Android phone makers.

Although, as a surprise, OnePlus 6 has seemingly caught on camera, showing off a notch in the screen and a glass back. It’s been spotted with an edge-to-edge display and an iPhone -like notch above. The images also reveal a vertical dual rear-facing camera setup on the back of the handset. You can find out full OnePlus 6 specifications and expected launch date very soon.

While many company’s out there and indeed competitors, mocked Apple for its decision to include a notch, which is thereby becoming increasingly clear that this is one of the best ways of producing a smartphone today with almost no bezels while also being able to offer a front-facing camera as well as the proximity and light sensing hardware that a modern phone needs.

Although Apple’s creation differentiating the iPhone X from the competition, there’s a tech packed in the form of Face ID, which is more important to remember that it is not something of which Apple is likely particularly proud.

That notch, specifically, a necessary evil in Apple’s quest to not only remove all physical buttons from the face of the iPhone but to also make the bezels around an iPhone’s screen as small as possible.

We are sure that the likes of OnePlus and Asus are not too disappointed that their own smartphones are being mentioned in the same breath as Apple’s current flagship due to this.

What we can find and get around though is the noticeably thick chin at the bottom. If you are putting a notch on the phone, at least make the screen on all the other three sides of the device go right to the glass.

Another tip, it can also be seen in the photos is the back of the device, with an iPhone X-like dual vertical camera configuration and a glass back, likely meant for wireless charging. Stay tuned for more updates!

(Source: ITHome [Google Translate])

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