Over 1 Million OnePlus 6 Phones Sold Out In Less Than A Month [Benchmark]

The Shenzhen-based phone manufacturer has announced that users purchased more than one million OnePlus 6 units worldwide within just 22 days.

The current version of OnePlus 6 smartphone is obviously the newest and a fantastic Android flagship, where the company behind it has been quickly improving its sales with each generation. Now it has managed to sell over one million units since its launch back in May.

Still, a drop in the bucket compared to its flagship competitors. Sales are off to a whopping start for OnePlus’ latest flagship phone, making it the company’s fastest-selling device to date. When compared, it took the OnePlus 6’s predecessors, the 5 and 5T, 3 months each to hit that sales mark to reach the same milestone. While one million sounds like a large number, it’s quite small in relation to sales for phones like the Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone, which can move tens of millions of devices within the same amount of time, or less.

But the prime factor here is that the smartphone we’re talking comes from China, the sales benchmark actually happened in 22 days. While OnePlus phones don’t have the same availability to consumers as other, more popular companies. Because these phones are sold directly to customers and aren’t supported by CDMA networks, so some carriers, like Verizon and Sprint, are out.

Despite the fact that half of US wireless customers can’t consider OnePlus as an option, there’s a loyal fan base.

The OnePlus 6 has received favorable reviews and was named it as “an excellent phone and gives you many of the features of more costly flagship phones.”

The OnePlus 6 costs $529 and the company’s phones consistently outperform their price point in both quality and functionality, competing with the likes of Vivo V9, LG, Samsung Galaxy S9 and others.

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