OnePlus Case For iPhone 6s / 6 With Its Own Signature Sandstone Finish Goes On Sale

The newly launched OnePlus iPhone case although comes with a OnePlus X invite. Before we discuss about the invitation, have to first describe about the Sandstone case for Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. OnePlus has for the first time released an iPhone case that carries the company’s signtaure Sandstone finish made by its OnePlus One handset.

The Chinese startup has made a little bit of a name for itself as a smaller manufacturer attempting to play alongside the big giants with a set of Android smartphones that require an invite before you can purchase them. It seems that attempting to penetrate the best smartphone market isn’t financially lucrative or challenging enough for the small outfit, decided and now released an official gaurd or case accessory for iPhone 6s. Yes, that’s right, an official OnePlus protective case for an Apple’s iOS device iterated.

New OnePlus accessory is difficult to deny, and the first offering from the company to land in the iPhone accessories market, is one visually appealing and very well designed. With a sleek, svelte design, in this case it looks like it would add hardly any bulk to the iPhone 6s whatsoever. It’s also finished in OnePlus’ gorgeous signature Sandstone Black finish that not only makes the reverse of the case look premium and elegant, but nevertheless also provides the owner of the device with a little bit more grip and peace of mind that they’re not going to accidentally drop or fling the phone across the road.

Logo of OnePlus printed on the iPhone 6s case, and comes with one design choice that will likely put a lot of iPhone owners off purchasing it. Back of the case doesn’t contain a cutout for the Apple logo that is printed on the reverse of all Apple’s iPhones.

The OnePlus protective case for iPhone 6s has a full bodied back with the signature logo etched into the material carefully slightly below where the cutout for the iPhone’s camera is. Design ethos, of course doesn’t put all iPhone owners out of buying it, but it will almost definitely mean that Apple won’t stock or promote the case. Unfortunately, the larger screen-sized Plus models won’t be supported at the moment.

The China-based outfit is going with the tried and tested approach of slapping a price-tag onto the product and making it available via If the beautiful design of Sandstone Black finish of the case tempting you to pay the cash, though. Interestingly, OnePlus says that it’s made some limited number of cases for the holiday season which contain an invite for the Ceramic version of the OnePlus X. Lucky users will get a free device coupon there to be discovered as well.

OnePlus Sandstone Case for iPhone 6/6s is available for purchase from today, and will cost a very affordable $19.99.

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