OnePlus CM OS 12 OTA Paused To Add ‘OK OnePlus’ Voice Feature; Details

Many lucky users of OnePlus One smartphones have managed to download CyanogenMod OS 12 based on Android 5.0 Lollipop system update last week, and many kept waiting for the OTA update. Paused?


Co-founder of OnePlus, Carl Pei shared a news on Twitter that the OTA update was halted to add a new ‘OK OnePlus’ voice activation feature in the update. What is it? Actually, this is yet another new one, OK OnePlus is quite similar to the ‘OK Google’ voice search functionality and it will even work when the phone is in sleep mode. Great!

The OK OnePlus feature was announced alongside the launch of the phone last year and was supposed to be integrated via OTA system update, but it never happened, though. Now OnePlus will ne adding that with the CM OS 12 OTA update and start seeding it once again.

Guess what? Those who have already installed the CM OS 12 update on their OnePlus One devices, manually, will have to repeat the process next week in order to get the new voice activation feature, the OK OnePlus. Stay tuned!

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