OnePlus Giving Away 30,000 Loop VR Headsets Ahead Of OnePlus 3 Launch

It seems like OnePlus as part of its latest OnePlus 3 promotion, giving away 30,000 VR headsets, and the China-based company wants you to order its new phone using a Virtual Reality headset. In this case, the Loop VR headset is available completely free (plus shipping) right now. To fully grace the OnePlus 3 launch in all of its celestial glory, you will definitely want a perfect VR. If you think so!

OnePlus is making yet another amazing push into virtual reality after it announced plans to run the launch of its next smartphone in VR again, with a shopping experience to match. When it launched the OnePlus 2 last summer, OnePlus gave away over 30,000 specially customized Google Cardboard viewers to let its community of fans tune in and watch the unveiling in a detailed than usual.

This time around it is offering more sturdy VR headsets. They have already sold out – 30,000 ‘Loop VR’ headsets, made by partner firm AntVR, for free. In the similar fashion this year’s launch is no different. Regarding the OnePlus 3 and the VR launch, Carl Pei, Co-founder & Head of Global Business, OnePlus on the OnePlus forum, said:

We believe we, and the tech industry as a whole, have only scratched the surface of what can be done in VR, and there’s much more immersive experiences to be had. Inspired by a certain fan video, we took to our imagination of where OnePlus would be decades from now, having moved our headquarters to space. Our space station is called The Loop, and we’re excited for you to check it out

.There’s still got no date for the launch yet. But nevertheless, watching the unveiling, the 30,000 people with a Loop VR headset will also get exclusive early access to buy the device, OnePlus 3. As the company is initially made its name limiting sales of its phones to those with invitations – through virtual reality world.

The Co-founder of OnePlus announced that the OnePlus 3 will be introduced in a VR launch event, which it will be a fully-interactive, impressive, 3D VR event. The company has although partnered with AntVR to distribute Loop VR Headset that promises more robust and comfortable experience when compared to the OnePlus Cardboard rejoice.


About the Loop VR headset. Featuring a 100-degree field of view, it fits 5 to 6-inch smartphone sizes, comfortably. This has Orthoscopic lenses and only weighs at 366 grams. It has adjustable straps and snug inner-padding, which is the new Loop VR that also fits over glasses.

The Loop VR headset can be claimed for free, including delivery free charges via the OnePlus website. For India customers, it will go on sale through flash sales on at Re.1 (with additional shipping charges) on June 3rd and June 7th.

About the OnePlus 3 specifications and features, it is a smartphone that comes running Android Marshmallow out-of-the-box. The device will have an AMOLED display and larger capacity 3000mAh battery, and it is tipped to be offered in two different models; one with 32GB of storage and 4GB of RAM, and more advanced OnePlus 3 has 64GB storage and 6GB RAM.

If you want to try and secure your free Loop VR headset, you simply need to head over to the dedicated Loop VR page here right now.

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