OnePlus One Drops Its Price Permanently, Now Available With Dropbox Pro Bundle For $300

As expected the Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has lowered the One smartphone’s starting price from $299 to $249 permanently on Monday. Announced a new version of OnePlus One with a new Dropbox Pro bundle for $349. OnePlus began a special flash sale promotion, offering up the OnePlus One for just 249 US dollars for the 16GB model ot $300 for the 64GB One smartphone variant. Good news is here and interested ones can grab their OnePlus One with a new price drop which is now permanent.

After receiving tons of possitive feedback over the ultra-affordable price tag, OnePlus said they took a “hard look at the numbers to make sure [they] were maintaining [their] commitment to users.” With droppong component, assembly, and engineering cots, now feels confortable with passing down the savings to its customers.

In fact, really the OnePlus 2 aka OnePlus Two is likely around the horizon and newer devices like the ZenFone 2 and Idol 3 are increasing the competition in ulltra-low-end price segment, which obviously playing a big role here.

OnPlus is not only dropping the price on the OnePlus One, though they are also introducing a new price option to stand out as one of the best values on the market today. You can get a 16GB OPO for $250 and a 64GB OnePlus One for $300, a new $350 bundle will net you a 64GB OnePlus One and an entire year of Dropbox Pro.

If you get DropBox Pro offering, you will be getting 1TB of secure 256-bit AES and SSL encrypted storage, whereas the option extends the amount of storage for accessinf files on your phone. Regardless, DropBox Pro also plays a big role in your mobile phone, Windows, Linux, and of course in Mac as well. Considering that DropBox Pro normally costs $99 a year, this adds up[ to saving of $50.

Beyond the OnePlus’ motivation, the new asking price is very welcome and certainly makes the OnePlus One even more vlaubale offering, that too with DropBox Pro.

What do you think of the new OPO pricing, as well as the Dropbox Pro bundle?

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