OnePlus Teases For December 17 Unveil, What Can We Expect In Stores [Report]

Today is the day when OnePlus was founded and it means December 17th is the birt day which the company is going to celebrate its first. For that day, OnePlus have asked fans to mark it, and its no secret that the Chinese manufacturer is having a tough time keeping alive its partnership with CyanogenMod, which apparently points a possible new ROM in the store to be unveiled on.

OnePlus posted the image that you can see above on its official Google+ account, which seems that something is newer coming, but what? Could be the purported OnePlus One Mini which leaked or the roll out of an OTA update that would add MaxxAudio on the One smartphone. Admit that OnePlus One mini is just leaked, but it could have been nothing more than a Chinese knock off.

Or, OnePlus will start selling yet another best accessory? And that’s where those four blue dots come into the picture. Looks incredibly similar to the LEDs that many external battery packs use to signal the amount of charge they’re currently holding.

Four out of four LEDs means fully charged, in this case. The image also speaks: “Need a reason to be excited for tomorrow? We’ve got 10,000”. Exceptional to see a OnePlus-branded 10,000mAh battery pack getting official today. Xiaomi on the other hand have already lifted 10400mAh external battery on the market already, so now, OnePlus wants to put its external power pack accessory as a rival.

Speculations all around points to some rumored and predicted news. Besides the possibility of the new ROM, the Chinese media is also exploring the chance of a new variant of the OnePlus One, could see the launch on OnePlus Two.

If you want to see what does OnePlus have in the store, then wait for some more hours on December 17. Stay tuned!


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