Opera Max For Android Is Now Samsung Max – A New VPN Service Available For Download

Opera Max is one of the popular data management and privacy app that allows you to regulate how much data your apps consume while also protecting your privacy in unsecured mobile and Wi-Fi connections.

The browser was one of the first data-friendly mobile browsers, and it later added privacy-focused settings, including safeguards against insecure wireless connections and a VPN. Opera is actually owned by a consortium of Chinese firms, which has announced its closure last year.

But nevertheless, Samsung took a step forward in acquiring it and said today that it had picked up the service and turned it into “Samsung Max”. It also announced an Android app made with two goals in mind: first to let you browse more and to help you do it more safely. It is called Samsung Max and it can be downloaded immediately from the Google Play Store.

Before we go further speaking about Samsung Max, Opera Max users will get an update that brings them over to the now-Samsung-owned version. While other users can get their hands right on the Android apps or check the Galaxy Apps store. The bad news is that it’s only be available on Samsung phones rather than all Android-powered devices as had previously been the case.

In addition to that, Samsung plans to preload the app on its devices in a number of emerging markets, including Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam.

How does Samsung Max work? One of the app’s main feature is to reduce the amount of data you consume without this hurting the experience. By the way, it can also compress web pages, photos and even media files that you access through the web browser or other applications. And doing so, you will get the same content delivered to your screen, but it takes fewer megabytes to do so. Additionally, the app can pinpoint the data-hungry apps and will let you cut off their requirement and consumption if you desire so.

Furthermore, Samsung Max can be downloaded right now, which can encrypt your data when it is sent through non-secure Wi-Fi networks. Tracker blocking and DNS masking features make accessing the web easier and safer experience, be it over mobile or your home’s wireless network.

The commitment has been made by Samsung with Opera Max, but it’s unclear how much Samsung paid for the service if anything at all. Alternatively, Samsung Max will be offered as a free-of-charge app starting today, which will replace the Opera Max service.

As far as compatibility is concerned, using the Opera Max can expect to be updated to Samsung’s experience, as Samsung Max is confirmed to run on Samsung Galaxy J and Galaxy A smartphones, as well as Galaxy S devices, too. Non-Galaxy phones, however, have to wait.

(Download: Samsung Max from the Google Play Store)

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