Opera Mini On Android Brings Faster Access To Downloads, Gets Automatic Music, More

Opera Mini for Android is a mobile web browser that is now been updated to the latest version, bringing with it faster access to download content, alongside also receives automatic music and a video scanning Facebook notification bar. Especially, Opera Mini for India Android users has got a new update, with the mobile browser will now offer a new download manager to make video and music downloads much faster. Apart that, the mini browser has also been updated to offer smooth content distribution, engagement, and accessibility. Here are the details.

You can now download Opera Mini for Android which is the latest version specifically designed for Indian smartphone users. Announced now, Opera Mini update includes several new additions, such as automatically scans downloadable music, content on sites, brings Facebook notifications bar to the app drawer, and some fixes as well.

The updated version of Opera Mini web browser for Android lets you do everything you want to online without wasting your data plan, all for free-of charge. According to Opera, the browser will not only help Indians to access more of the web but rather also facilitate them to get the content they want faster than earlier.

Android users in India using the mobile browser on their devices will notice that a new download icon is added, which will enable users to download video and even download music faster. As aforementioned, the Opera Mini browser on your mobile will also feature auto scan to easily download the music files from the internet. With the help of this feature, Indian users of Android smartphone will be able to grab files much quickly without accidentally clicking the unwanted pop-up ads.

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When users visit media, MP3, or movie download section, Opera Mini will automatically scan it for the direct download links under the Extreme Mode. This feature will show where the files are, from a drop-down menu on top of users’ screen, so that you don’t found themselves in scrolling or getting log in the confusing downloading web pages.

The auto scan feature on Opera Mini browser is now available on Facebook, Pageworld, Tubidy, DJPunjab and a few others. Opear says that the list will continue grwoing in the near future, coming days.



Opera Mini now has a built-in newsreader feature, which is backed by artificial intelligence, but is now only available for testing in some selected countries, including India. Actually, this personal newsreader works by learning about people’s reading habit. The more news they read, the more relevant stories they will gain. With that in mind, Opera decided to put that in its Mini browser. While, there’s an increase number of Indians reading news on the go, this feature will help them have one-click access to the current events that they are interested in.

New features on Opera Mini for Android also includes a compression of saved pages, where the browser has extended its compression technology to saved page feature to provide the essential content by excluding the unwanted frills. Also features is the “Video boot”, which is a compression tech that reduces up to 50% of data consumption when watching the downloaded video. For example, if you’re on the crowded WiFi network, you can turn on extreme mode on your device running Opera Mini to speed up slow connection at the Coffeehouse and load video event faster.

Finally, there’s a full-menu of Facebook Android notification bar. The new Opera Mini also now allows Facebook users to access notifications without the need to open another app. Once Facebook notification bar is activated, users will only need to pull from the top of their Android phones to see the full menu of Facebook notifications. The new features also been provided here to address the issue of low connectivity and sluggish online experience in the Indian market.

Version 21.0.2254.111920 of Opera Mini for Android is now listed on the Google Play Store to grab right here.

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