This Updated Tweak Now Lets You Remotely Spy On Your Own iPhone

With iOS 10 / 10.2 jailbreak available now to easily liberate your compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices, and the default repositories within Cydia are indeed filled with almost beyond capacity with insanely useful, funny, and even more innovative packages, tweaks, and extensions which will hopefully take a jailbroken Apple device and make it just that little bit more useful and fun.

Apart from the list of packages including entertainment and feature expansion, lives a set of very conscious and serious tweaks, offering quite impressive functionality with a purpose. One of those packages, has just received an update making it fully compatible with modern jailbroken devices running iOS 10.


Called OwnSpy, it has been around for a while, and isn’t anything new to Cydia. In fact, for those long-term jailbreakers who fancy themselves as bubbling spies or sleuths, they’ll probably already be aware of what is essentially a surveillance package to allow people to monitor activity on their own devices.

Of course, it’s actually a very impressive surveillance package that only intended to allow users to spy on devices which they actually own, rather not on other devices they don’t own. Hence the name of the package itself has it “Spy” – rather than installing onto hardware owned by unsuspecting users. The waters become a little murky when you go down that route.

From a feature perspective, OwnSpy does everything which you really expect from it to do in a pretty much easy manner. By signing in via the OwnSpy website, users can remotely initiate call recording on a liberated iPhone going back to Apple’s iPhone 5 running iOS 9. So if you have left your device somewhere, and are conscious that it is being used by someone else without permission, you can instantly and remotely record all calls. Clever, and what you say detective?

There’s also the ability to manually track the location of the device and read deleted SMS or WhatsApp messages, all remotely of course. This service also adds the ability to view photographs taken on the device, or to invoke the device’s microphone to listen to what’s being said or heard around the nature.

Moreover, users who feel they may need the functionality provided by OwnSpy to monitor activities on their own devices for some sort of security reasons, can right away install and try out all of the features entirely free-of-charge as trail As expected, an app this powerful does drive a price tag in the near future. Worthy?

OwnSpy, is a jailbreak tweak – compatible with both iOS 9 and iOS 10, which can be downloaded directly from BigBoss repo in Cydia.

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