Pandora Premium Now Offers A Family Plan With New Features, More

When you speak about Pandora, is a personalized free radio that plays music you’ll love. Discover new music and enjoy old favorites. Start with your loved artist, song or compose etc. But the streaming option would love for a lot of these free customers. Highlights on the paid music streaming platform “Pandora Premium” is here.

Pandora is a free music streaming service that offers a free tier, and is one of the most popular, boasting 80+ million monthly customers. To switch over to the Premium option – set you at $9.99-per-month subscription – it offers plenty of benefits, and serves as a direct competitor to the likes of Apple Music and Spotify.

The latest you will find on the Pandora Premium is an attempt to get folks to switch is a new family option. This is something that the music service has been missing for the past year since its initial launch.

It has recently confirmed that a new Pandora Premium family plan exists, and, like the competition, it costs $15 per month. With the family plan, up to six individuals can use the same paid subscription to access their own Pandora Premium account – it gives them full access to offline listening, ad-free or no ads, and their own custom radio stations. Generally speaking, all of the basic/standard Premium features, but baked into a family plan that supports only six people.

Apple Music supports up to six individuals, whereas Spotify’s family plan offers support for five people only. Pandora’s option is right in line with the competition, even if it has taken several months to actually arrive.

You can now join the Pandora Premium or subscribe for the family plan which is available right now. If you have been waiting for this subscription option to arrive before you made the switch to a paid option, then, you can finally jump on board with the premium features.

For Pandora customers who have been wanting to experience the Premium services, but couldn’t without a family plan option, now it’s good time to see that it has finally arrived. Nevertheless, this is certainly a “better late than never” situation for some Pandora listeners. What do you say? Will you make a switch right away?

[via Pandora]

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