Pebble 2, Time 2, And Pebble Core With Heart Rate Monitors Announced: Here Are The Details

Pebble has launched a Kickstarter campaign for two of its new fitness-focused Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 smartwatches, and an all-new cellular-connected Pebble Core wearable. Pebble seems to be have chosen route to market has worked for your twice already, and this time around makes perfect sense to go grab that success a third time. After two successful campaigns, which funded original Pebble smartwatch and follow on Pebble Time wearable.

The company is back again with a third iteration of another crowdfunding campaign to try and get pre-orders for the Pebble 2, the Pebble Time 2, as well as an entirely new product named Core that clips onto an owners shirt or keys to offer fitness tracking and music streaming capabilities.

Offered in the past tense, with Pebble, Pebble Steel, Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel, and all these new contraptions, especially the Core offering, is Pebble’s new way of diversifying its product portfolio.


For that to see how different all the three are from its predecessors and its offerings. Let’s take a look a bit closer.

Pebble 2


Design-wise, the second generation Pebble is immediately recognizable as the evolution of the original smartwatch. Features a new built-in sleep, step, and heart rate tracking functionality alongside existing phone, text, and information notification capabilities. The company seems has worked hard to try and bring a slimmer profile to the Pebble 2, and also increased its capabilities by packing in a new heart rate sensor. Admitted that, the Pebble 2 has a clear focus on fitness tracking and will compete with product offerings from the likes of Fitbit.

Hardware inside the Pebble 2 smartwatch, there’s a 1.26-inch black and white e-paper display with Gorilla Glass. The battery package should give you 7 days of uptime. The watch will be available in Flame, Aqua, Black, White, and Lime colors.

The watch also features an anti-scratch lens coating, built-in microphone, and water resistance up to 30 meters. The iOS- and Android-compatible smartwatch retains an always-on high contrast black and white display that is readable both indoors and outdoors. Pebble 2 is compatible with over 13,000 existing apps and watchfaces, and runs an updated version of its Timeline operating system that enables customizable one-click actions. For example, make it easier to send a text message, call an Uber, or check your date through calendar right from your wrist.

Pre-ordering through Kickstarter, you will be able to secure a Pebble 2 for a limited time price of $99 before it rises to $129 post launch. Availability is placed for September this year.

Pebble Time 2


This is Pebble’s premium smartwatch featuring a stainless steel design, built-in heart rate monitor and microphone, and color e-paper display and is more than 50-percent larger than its predecessor, and as a whole has up to 80-percent more pixels to see twice the text. Worth checking out the second-generation Pebble Time. It will ship with a similar steel body to the original Time Steel, but will also come with significantly reduced price-tag of just $169 via Kickstarter, or $199 when the product goes live.

The functionality bundled into the Pebble 2 as outlined above, the Time 2 looks a bit sleeker and hotter. There’s a built-in fitness tracker, along with a silicon rubber strap and a battery life that should last approximately ten days. The display is colored with a high resolution and also being larger than before. Thos looking to grab the watch can choose from Gold, Black, and Silver colors. Pebble will start shipping the Time 2 in November.

Pebble Core


This is an all-new Android-based lightweight, cellular connected clip that allows runners to leave their smartphones behind. Yet still conveniently stream music from Spotify, track their pace, distance, and location with GPS, record voice notes, and even send an emergency SOS if needed.

The Core is a Pebble created little box that can clip onto a jacket or set of keys, that has linked the Core to the iPod Shuffle, which should invoke enough sentimental value with a lot of customers to convince them to give it a try. Pebble Core supports both Wi-Fi and 3G Cellular networks using a micro-SIM card, while both Bluetooth and wired headphones can be connected. Unfortunately, the Core doesn’t come with a display, then you’ll be probably love its GPS tracking capabilities and ability to stream Spotify music with the addition of a SIM card. The GPS data can be synced to “Runkeeper, Strava, and Under Armour Record”.

The wearable provides up to 5 days of battery life based on 45 minute workouts which can be charged using the included USB cable or an add-on wireless charging pad. Forgot to tell, there’s also a Core for Hackers. This particular contraption “is a tiny, hackable Android computer that fits on your keychain to become your magic button for anything.” Described be Pebble, opens up endless possibilities, including calling an taxi to your location, tracking a pet, or even piloting a drone.

The little clip-on Core packs a 4GB of storage space, a battery, headphone jack with obvious Bluetooth clip. Shipping date is expected to begin in January 2017, with a price tag of just $69.

The Pebble 2, Time 2, and Core will each cost $30 extra at full retail price once the crowdfunding campaign is completed at the end of June. Also note that Pebble has also introduced a new Pebble Health tools and features.

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