Phantom Jailbreak Tweak For Snapchat Updated To Bypass Account Ban

There was a temporary fix for Snapchat which has locked your account and for those of you who love the Phantom jailbreak tweak for Snapchat, has a really good news. A new version of the jailbreak app is available that solves the recent issue of Snapchat blocking accounts of those who use jailbreak tweaks to enhance Snapchat app’s functionality. And made Snapchat geofilters limited to some certain locations, have now got a hack around it.


Further, the developer of Snapchat has also released an update (v4.3.2-1:) for Phantom to bypass the jailbreak tweak detection check to ensure that your Snapchat account doesn’t get locked. Phantom ecame extremely popular with jailbroken users due to its ability to hook directly into Snapchat and enhance its native features. Inclusions of the package being able to mark snaps as read on your own terms, automatically save media into a “snap log”, send images and videos from the Camera Roll as snaps, spoof location to take complete advantage of Snapcht’s geo-filters, as well as add unlimited text to a snap rather than being limited to a solitary line. There was a temporary fix to the problem, but now the developer behind the tweak has finally pushed out a perfect fix in the form of a new version of Phantom being made available.

The latest version of Snapchat detects whether Snapchat-related jailbreak tweaks are installed and then locks/bans the logged-in users accounts. If that happens, users are then forced to uninstall all Snapchat related tweaks before going forward on over to an official Snapchat unlocking account web page and request that the company reviews the account and provides to it in the form of an account unlock.

Although, the latest version of Phantom will prevent your Snapchat account from being banned or locked. The fix aforementioned was first offered as a beta hosted on the developer’s own persional repository in Cydia before being pushed to the BigbOss repo. To get the updated verstion onto yur iPhone, iPad, you will need to head to Cydia and install or update to the latest 4.3.2-1 version of ‘Pahntom for Snapchat’ tweak.

Here’s the full changelog of version 4.3.2-1:

[NOTE] Do not update Snapchat until Phantom has approved compatibility.

-Removed tweak/add-on ban check.
-Full Force support for iPad users.
-Fix missing Location Spoof button.


Once done, according to the developer of Phantom, the popular Snapchat tweak that allows users to auto save snaps, disable view receipt and lots more. Should be a big relief for those jailbreaker as this could turn into cat and mouse game between Snapchat and Jailbreak tweaks.

What’s important to note is that Snapchat may soon release another update to the app to kill whatever the patch or crack the developer of Phantom has added in version 4.3.2-1 of the tweak and then start locking/banning accounts again.

Recommended: Not to update to any new version of Snapchat from Spp Store. Snapchat also reverse the right to permanently ban accounts of those who continually try to use such jailbreak tweaks. Proceed at your own risk only. We have warned you, afterall! Best word is that to disable automatic updates of apps (Settings > iTunes & App Store > Updates) so that you can install the update only when Phantom is compatible with the new version.

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