Philips Announces A “Completely Weatherproof” Hue LightStrip With HomeKit For Outdoor Use

Philips Hue lights welcome you home and let you control your lights from the bedroom or your backyard. You might remember all the way back of January’s CES that Philips has announced Hue lights that it had a range of outdoor lights in the works and then a few months later it confirmed the fixtures and bulbs would arrive this July. As it promised, today, announced Philips Hue LightStrip with HomeKit support that can be used outside the home.

There’s a surprise in store – an as-yet-unannounced Philips Hue White and Color Ambience LightStrip Outdoor available now.

A new outdoor lineup of Hue lights consists of spotlights, bollard lights, and luminaries. Now the company is expanding its offerings, unveiling an outdoor version of its popular LED LightStrip.

However, the outdoor LightStrip has shown up as a new product coming from Philips’ Netherlands website. While not yet available to purchase, but the company shared some interesting details on the latest Hue product.

As we can only think that the box for it is huge if they need to print that exact product name onto it somewhere!

The outdoor version of the LightStrip is somewhat similar to the indoor one that has been on sale for some time now. Philips Hue says that the flexible diffuse lights is best used in both direct and indirect lighting situations and is available in 2m (6.56 ft.) and 5m (16.4 ft.) lengths. And offers the same ability as the original LightStrip to illuminate with 16 million colors alongside HomeKit support.

As for how the outdoor version differs, the sticky backing has been removed for the outdoor strip, but the pack does include clips and screws which allow it to be attached to walls or other surfaces outside of the home. It is “completely weatherproof.” As spotted by HomeKit News Philips goes on to describe that “The LightStrip can withstand small puddles and water jets from any direction, so do not worry if rain is unexpectedly predicted.”

Additionally, the outdoor LightStrip skips the adhesive backing (mentioned above) which includes mounting clips to attach it to surfaces like fences, home exteriors, and more. While the strip can also be laid on the ground and bent to shape, making it great for lighting a path or walkway, for example.

Philips Hue's Outdoor LightStrip With HomeKit Support

Just like other new outdoor additions to the lineup the new outdoor LightStrip is something you would expect for an accessory that is built to live outside. But the bad news is that so far the outdoor LightStrip only seems to be available in the Netherlands, so it’s unclear whether an international product launch is in the works.

There’s not yet any official news of when the outdoor LightStrip will be released to the general public (abroad or in the US), but we may hear more details next month. Stay tuned!

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