Next Year’s iPhone X Plus Successor May Have Battery Life Like Ever Before

Still we haven’t got our hands on iPhone X as yet, which is set to go on sale starting November 3rd. But the Apple fans are growing impatient now. How do you say so? Just glance at Twitter or Facebook, or check Reddit to see the discussions and hotness of someone catches an Apple employee using the iPhone X in the wild. With a Dynamic Wallpaper, showing off the whole retail box package and otherwise the notch on top of iPhone X working.

iPhone X Sign

But the case here is not the 2017 iPhone X with bezel-less edge-to-edge display, rather looking further at the 2018’s iPhone X successor. We all know how impressive the iPhone X is shaping and people can’t stop talking about things like the new OLED display and the TrueDepth camera system, which could lead to truly great things next year as well.

While this year’s iPhone 8 Plus sports a 2,691mAh battery that provides the most impressive battery life we’ve ever seen in the flagship smartphone. The iPhone X manages to squeeze in an even larger battery at 2,716mAh.

Hold! The iPhone X is barely larger than the iPhone 7. How on Earth did Apple manage to cram in a battery that’s bigger than the one in the iPhone 8 Plus! The technology used inside is complex but the answer is simple. In a nutshell, the iPhone X uses a new design that eventually allows the internal board to occupy far less space. That space, indeed, can then be taken up by a larger battery.

We can see that in action once the iPhone X twardowns hit the web after the launch date. Despite that, the iPhone X itself packs in a ton of new tech and a higher-resolution display than the iPhone 8 Plus. So its slightly larger battery doesn’t last quite as long as the 8 Plus. Here are the elaborate details from Apple’s official website.

iPhone X Battery

iPhone X / iPhone 8 Plus Battery Capacities

iPhone 8 Plus

There’s something that might be even more exciting on the horizon now. Reports that suggests next year’s iPhone lineup will include not just one iPhone X successor, but two. One of which will be coming with the same size as the upcoming iPhone X, according to these reports. And the second will supposedly be a new Plus model with even larger display and a bigger capacity battery unit.

Apple’s Plus phones have historically utilized nearly identical designs as their smaller counterparts, both inside and out. This means Apple’s new L-shaped battery tech in next year’s “iPhone X Plus” would theoretically follow suit. Don’t think about an iPhone with 2-day battery life, if you do? But Apple is planning one that will have battery life the likes of which the world has never ever seen on a flagship smartphone. Here’s that: The Rumored 2018 iPhone X Plus With 6.4-inch OLED Display Look Like This?

We sincerely hope rumors of a plus-sized iPhone X successor pan out soon as early as next year’s first month.

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