iPhone X Retail Packaging Spotted Already In The Wild [Image]

The iPhone X pre-orders to begin this month, October and will not go on sale until November 3. This means you are not going to book your iPhone X until over two weeks from now. But before that we have a glimpse on its official packaging that shows what the next Apple’s flagship iPhone will be, and starting to see real handsets appear in the wild as we edge closer to the big release day.

Functional iPhone X units have appeared in San Fransisco and Italy recently, and now someone has managed to snap an image of the phone’s retail box. Not that it really matters cause Apple has already shown what the box looks like on its own website.

A Reddit user has given the opportunity to look at the iPhone X retail packaging for the first time in real world, and it definitely looks, well, like a box with an iPhone on it. Even though we have already seen the iPhone X retail box in marketing images discovered on Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program landing page, but those were renders.

Now spotted an actual picture of the original retail box of iPhone X. It’s almost identical to the image that officially Apple featured on its website, but there’s another difference. If you have seen any iPhone packaging over the past few years – and if you’re reading this, then you will be instantly familiar with what we are looking at here. The difference is a White box with an iPhone on the front, this is Apple packaging 101 right here, but this isn’t apparently not the retail box you will see at actual retail.

iPhone X’s retail box as shown on Apple.com

There’s a lock icon on the lock screen that was not present in the Apple render. Accordingly, this is a pre-production iPhone X box. Apparently, the lock icon was removed at a later stage. Exciting!

The Redditor who posted it is a pre-production retail box. One thing is sure that the iPhone X’s display doesn’t carry a lock icon. That won’t be there on the box that your new iPhone X comes in, and when compared to the official box renders shown on Apple.com it catches the point.

Alleged leaked photo of iPhone X retail box

Apple would really like you to see the (almost) all-screen design of the iPhone X, even if it has that nasty notch at the top. The iPhone X’s retail box shows up the screen of the phone turned on, while the iPhone 8 boxes feature the phones’ rear sides.

Something is still better than nothing. So while we count down the days before the iPhone X goes on sale. Launches in stores starting November 3rd after a week of preorders that begin on October 27th. Stay tuned for more!

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(via: Reddit)

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