Photos Of New Fast 18W USB-C Charger For 2018 iPhone Leaks Online

It seems like Apple’s upcoming iPhone and iPad refresh will see the new trend of fast charging technology bundled out of the box. We have come in front of various rumors over the past few weeks and months which have suggested that Apple is going to ship a new fast 18-watt USB-C charger and a Lightning to USB cable in the box of each of its iPhones later this year.

Those rumors have long gone so far as to include CAD renderings of what that charger may look like. These images (below) show the exact design of the new charger.

The benefits of such a charger are obvious, although the labeling differs from Apple’s standard style. The 18W power throughput is denoted, and the USB-C connector hold is clearly visible. The allow buyers of new iPhones to more quickly charge their device without having to go out and buy additional chargers on top of what is likely to already be a costly iPhone.

Photos purporting to depict an engineering prototype of the rumored Apple 18W USB-C charger, which has been shared via Mac Otakara. It’s said to be a prototype of the US version of this exact charger, which is expected to come in the box with the new iPhones, in addition to a USB-C to Lightning cable, for customers to take advantage of fast-charging without buying additional accessories.

Now we have new “evidence” suggesting this is in the cards. But unfortunately, at this point, it is difficult to confirm the validity of these images. The overall design of the new charger is very reminiscent of the renders we have previously seen and also look similar to Apple’s 5-watt charger that is already included in the box of the existing iPhones.

These alleged photos depict a charger that looks relatively “fat,” though still small in the whole volume. Compared to the current 5W charger, the new 18W design is an oval shape with the same style of super-ellipse rounded corners that has proliferated throughout Apple’s hardware and software design.

With its two prongs on one end and a connector port on the other, there’s still all that much to see here other than the arrival of the new USB-C port where there would normally be a traditional USB-A offering.

However, the labeling is a little circumspect, and the design is not as sleek as the earlier schematics indicated. It looks something like a copycat of a third-party charger, not an official Apple manufacturing item. Even in this form factor, the schematics show a sleeker profile which seems more comparable to the current 5-watt brick. And it looks to be physically smaller than the existing 12W iPad charger.

The model number of A1720 does, however, fit in with Apple’s existing model numbering scheme. For now, it is it, this could simply be a product of its prototype status.

The new 18W charger will be a nice piece for 2018 iPhone buyers and will represent the biggest upgrade to the iPhone’s bundled accessories in many years. Apple also continues to push forward on development of its AirPower wireless charging mat, currently expected to be available alongside the new iPhones in the fall.

(Source: Chongdiantou [Google Translate])

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