How To Bring iMessage To Android Using This PieMessage [Video]

Third-party messaging apps now becoming best alternatives in the smart messenger world, like WhatsApp and kik Messenger although being extremely popular on a world-wide space not only because they are efficient methods of communicating, but also are truly cross-platform and allow users on different platforms to talk with each another. Likes of Apple own iMessage service within iOS ecosystem makes it so popular that the company would want to keep it with it, but it doesn’t look as though that is going to happen as a new open-source project called PieMessage is gearing up to rescue by allowing Android users to get up and running with iMessage communications without the need for an iOS device.


Want to use iMessage on Android? Here’s a new software called PieMessage which can now make it all possible. Get started with this right away. PieMessage, a new open-source project that enables iMessage support, allowing Android users to communicate using Apple’s iPhone messaging service. Thanks to this developer, decided to bring iMessage protocols across to the Android platform though. There were other solutions too in the past, but their implementation was blurry at best, and most of them have now already fallen by the wayside.

Biggest difference between PieMessage and other iMessage cross-platform attempts is that PieMessage gets around to run everything through a third-party server by using user’s own Mac as server. It allows the Android owner to use his/her own hardware as the intermediary server, rather than relying on a third-party offering to route the messages, which cannot only be unreliable, but also very insecure. This is an infinity better solution unlike previous methods, doesn’t require any extra jailbroken iOS devices to work or need any tweaks from Cydia installation.

It’s not the first app to enable the future as similar but short-lived solutions made available for Android devices, but it does need server to enable iMessage support on non-Apple devices. Uses Mac and an OS X client as a server, but this approach could in theory allow users to use their own Macs. The app is not feature-complete just yet though, and therefore is only available for download as a very early alpha version.

It is also open-source, and the code is available to download and consume on GitHub. And it’s compatible through Android 4.0 to Android N 7.0.

You can check out the project for yourself on GitHub here. It includes all the instructions and everything you need to get up and running with PieMessage on Android. The developer PieMessage says, it is still a work in progress. It “can receive group messages, but sending has its limitations and it’s possible Apple could patch future OS versions that could break the app.

The developer has also released a demo of the software in action, showing all of its capabilities. Watch it in the video embedded below.

(Via: 9to5Mac)

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