Pioneer Wireless CarPlay Aftermarket Receivers Launches For The First Time

Being an iPhone owner who doesn’t own a car with CarPlay built in then you may want to look at picking up an aftermarket system that can offer the same functionality without having to buy a whole new car. There are now five new Pioneer wireless CarPlay receivers that add the much-desired functionality to compatible vehicles, all of which are new, and they look pretty impressive.

All five of the new receivers include support not only for Apple’s CarPlay, but wireless CarPlay at that.

While Apple’s iPhones command a significant portion of the market, especially considering that they are just one company that is outselling multiple Android manufacturers combined by a large margin. While some cars come equipped with Apple CarPlay by default, and these Pioneer wireless Apple carPlay receivers offer the option to put the functionality into your vehicles if you don’t currently have the option to use the feature – or to upgrade to a higher-quality device if you’re not happy with your current receiver.

Unlike most options, these five Pioneer receivers won’t need an iPhone to be physically connected in order to work. Accompanying these iPhones are ways to listen to your music on the go: and one of those options is Apple CarPlay.

Using the magic of wireless connectivity, iPhones will be able to interact with each of these new bits of kit – all of which are the first kind to support wireless CarPlay connectivity. Wireless CarPlay support is scarce throughout the market with only one Alpine iLX-107 receiver that we know of currently being available in limited areas since late 2017.

The newly added raft of wireless CarPlay receivers includes:

  • AVIC-Z610BT – 6.2-inch WVGA Resistive screen, CD/DVD, navigation: $945
  • AVIC-Z710DAB – 6.2-inch WVGA Resistive screen, CD/DVD, navigation, DAB+, no Android Auto: $1,012
  • AVIC-Z810DAB – 7-inch WVGA Resistive screen, CD/DVD, navigation, DAB+: $1,310
  • AVIC-Z910DAB – 7-inch WVGA Capacitive screen, CD/DVD, navigation, DAB+: $1,512
  • AVH-Z9100BT – 7-inch WVGA Capacitive screen, CD/DVD, navigation: $1,012

All of these receivers feature a new and cleaner interface that has been updated for the modern aesthetic. Although they do have a mix of resistive and capacitive displays, with all carrying a disappointing 800×480 display resolution. It pairs well with the sleek design of the iPhone and should eventually help bring the sophistication and intuitiveness of the mobile device directly into your car.

Beyond the futuristic pieces of hardware all of the software support will be handled via the iPhone to which the receivers are connected while Android support is also included for those of such a persuasion.

Highlighted in the bullet points of the wireless receivers release was interfacing with Waze as if only Android users will be able to receive Waze support from their Android Auto compatible smartphone. This is one bad news for iOS users, but the Pioneer wireless CarPlay receivers will likely remain some of the best receiving actions on the market for quite some time.

There’s still no official release date for the Pioneer wireless Apple carPlay receivers been announced, though, some retail stores are already listing prices for the devices – suggesting that we’ll see a full release sooner rather than later.

(Via: CarPlay Life)

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