Best Pixel 2 Feature That Helps You When You’re Driving

Google has announced two new Pixel phones this week, alongside also released a new app called Pixel Ambient Services. Here’s everything about the app: “Pixel Ambient Services” actually provides features based on local context for Pixel devices. It has been spotted that Google’s provided screenshots for the given app featuring an automatic setting for when the phones detect a user while driving. You can have a look at it.

Pixel Ambient Services Active

This screen suggests that phone will automatically go into do not disturb mode when you/someone is driving. According to Google, it’ll use Bluetooth and device motion technology to determine when to activate the feature, but not mentioned is it can’t tell whether you’re the driver or passenger. That’s the catch.

Other phone makers such as Apple and Samsung, launched their own DoNotDisturb while driving features this year. Both of their solutions send auto-replies to people who call or text, which should be enabled on the phone while driving. It isn’t clear whether Google’s does, too. Stay tuned for more.

Download: Pixel Ambient Services [Google Play Link]

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