How To Change Country In Google Play Store For Android The Right Way

Google is now allowing those Android device owners who wish to switch the country that their Play Store account is pointing to. But, as always, there’s a slight catch; the new Country and profiles feature is dynamic, and will only show to certain account holders based on certain criteria.

Previously, many of the Google device owners tried to change their Play Store region in order to get an app or game not available in their submitted country and failed. Are you prepared to enter into a world of confusing country options?

In fact, what you should make a note of is that this new setting mode may not actually be there for every account holder, and will only appear if certain criteria have been met? Well, let’s jump into the equation now which is relatively simple – hopefully – steps to change the country on your Play Store account if Google opts to expose it to you:

Step 1: First of all, you’ll need to load the Play Store app up on your device and wait for all content visible. Once loaded, head into the Account settings area of the Play Store.

Step 2: If Google has decided to expose this new option to you-you’re lucky, likely based on that you’ve used a different Play Store region previously with a valid payment for that country – then you will be given a new option titled Country and profiles. If this option appears, tap on it.

Step 3: This is where you will be shown the country that your current Play Store account is pointing to. This will have a check in it to the right-hand side. You will also see a list of other countries which are available to you to modify. All you need is to do right now is simply tab the available country that you want to switch to and the rest should take care of itself, as can be seen in the screenshot above.

What is important to remember is that this is a new dynamic feature implemented by Google and will only be visible on accounts which match the pre-defined criteria, i.e. have previously had a different Play Store account active and have modified a valid purchase there with a valid payment method.

So, if it’s not there, please don’t be confused and take it out on your precious device.

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