PS4 Laptop Mod PlayBook Gets Star Wars R2-D2 Makeover [Video]

The Sony PlayStation 4 may be slim when compared with the Microsoft’s Xbox One, but no one ever accused it of being portable. Even didn’t stop the PlayStation 4 being created, with the PS4 being embedded into a mobile chassis alongside a 22-inch display that purely made the whole thing look like a larger notebook. With no keyboard to type on, but nevertheless resembles a svelte machine.


Creation of a new version of the PlayBook 4, themed to look like R2-D2 from the Star Wars title, has now been showcased in a video that is sure to have PlayStation and Star Wars fans making all kinds of wookie-like noises. Alein type sounds.

The new R2-D2 PlayBook 4 appears to have the same standard PS4 inside and keeps the same 22″ display that the original used. With the unit allowing anyone to play PS4 games whenever they want so long as they have a power outlet to plug the thing into. The entire this time available in White and Blue, with a flashing light that alternates between red and blue seemingly at random to better replicate the robot himself.

Being a big fan of Star Wars then it is surely set to appeal to you, which also includes a better hardware inside it. Star Wars sounds that accompany common actions like powering the thing on are also likely to keep the Star Wars faithful happy.

Still got no idea on how much the R2-D2 version of the PlayBook 4 will cost, or indeed when it will be availablein the market offline or online ordering. But given the original’s $1395 price tag, we expect this one will be in a price bracket too dissimilar to that one. If you really need to play PS4 games on the go, then only an R2-D2 flavored PlayBook 4 console will be the best machine to choose from.

No matter what it costs!

(source: EdsJunk) (via RedmondPie)

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