PS4 Firmware Update 4.50 Released With Boost Mode, External HDD Support, Download Now

Sony has today made available the highly-anticipated 4.50 release of its PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro software, bringing with it a plethora of new and much requested features to the gaming console.


After spending over a month in beta testing, the more required firmware 4.50 appears to be ready, now. The update can be downloaded via the PS4 console right away. The rollout has already begun all across the world for this feature-rich update, according to multiple sources.

While the download file size is a bit bigger than usual, available at 34.1MB. Firmware 4.50 brings a number of crucial features to the console. Most notably, the ability to use external HDDs for game installs, set custom backgrounds, notification menu updates, and much more. Top of the list of changes in this version of the PS4 software is that the update adds 3D Blu-ray support for those with PlayStation VR (PS VR) headsets.

When described, the new version of PS4 software update 4.50 changes includes the ability to use more hard disk drives for the external storage of games. Until now, the only way to get extra space for your PS4 was to buy and install a replacement HDD yourself. Now though, any USB HDD can be used so long as it is no longer than 8TB in size and is USB 3.0 complaint.


Interface-wise, the notifications area of PS4 UI has received a minimal spruce-up, as has the Quick Menu. Those who like to make their PS4 look just the way they want will be pleased to learn that they can now add any in-game screenshot as their background wall.


Games, media and apps can all be installed on the external drive and accessed as if it were local. That only be one inclusion for a successful update, but there’s more! Also read: Sony Xperia XZ Premium With 4K HDR Display, Snapdragon 835, Water Resistant Body Announced

Boost Mode for PS4 Pro owners is an enhanced mode that allows unpatched PS4 games to run at higher frame-rates, and eventually reduces loading times in some instances. With Boost Mode enabled will now receive a speed boost regardless. You won’t get 4K video out of a 1080p game, but you might get faster load times and smoother playback.


This can provide a noticeable frame rate boost to some games with variable frame rates, and can provide frame rate stability for games that are programmed to run at 30 Hz or 60 Hz. Depending on the game, the increased CPU speed may also result in shorter load times.


Last but not least, Sony has also improved the appearance of 2D images when viewing via PS VR as part of this update, and enabled voice chat for Remote Play. There’s still a host of changes relating to the platform’s mobile apps as well, there’s an icon that will denote when a player is signed into PSN but is doing so via a mobile app rather than their console.


As always, the new PS4 software version 4.50 can be downloaded from the PSN now, if it’s in Rest Mode and connected to the internet. And we wholeheartedly suggest you do exactly that without delay!

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