Plex For Android Update Adds App Shortcuts & Other Fixes, More [Details]

Plex has been updated with new features and addresses lots of issues, adds a couple of app shortcuts and many other features to their Android app recently. While the updated Plex version has started rolling out to users as of yesterday, it’s very possible that not all users will have received the update yet. Developer Plex announced the update is pushed in stages, so some of few inclusions may take a day or two before they become available on Android devices. Here are the details you need to know.


If you’re using Plex for Android, and have update notifications turned off then it’s possible you may have overlooked the update availability and you can check by going into Android version of Plex from the buttons below ij both arm and arm64 options. Pleased to know the the application now features support for “Original” quality when syncing music. Also, the developers have added the option to disable discovery feature of AirPlay players on the network.

If you’re planning on installing the update, or you have already done so, what you’re looking forward to in addition to the app shortcuts which will only work if you are running Android 7.1 on your device. As the title says, those who own Android devices with 7.1 Nougat pre-installed will now be able to take advantage of app shortcuts. ARM64v8a support has been implemented as though, along with the option to display media flags for locally synced content.

Alongside these two changes Plex media app also has a new preference option that allows users to disable AirPlay players that are connected to the network. For Android TV users of Plex, there’s another option to hide both the Next and Previous buttons on preplays. While it’s noted that this option is only available when there are no siblings available.

Additionally, the folks over at Plex claims they have fixed a bucketload of bugs and a random crash during long sync operations and addressed as issue with the “friends list” incorrectly reporting no friends when crash when enabling Camera Upload after First Run Wizard should be fixed too. With lot of new fixes and performance improvements that’s been added to the latest version of Plex, includes the aforementioned ones, and a handful of fixes for Android TV like issue with the Photo Player where it would play 5 seconds of video them immediately move forward to the next item.

You can find all about them by accessing the source link below: Plex for Android updated with app shortcuts and a maximum list of fixes and more.

Download APK: Plex for Android armv7a, arm64v8a or on Google Play (Source: Plex)

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