Meet Pokeland: Nintendo Is Launching A New Pokemon Game For iOS And Android

Following the incredible success of Pokemon Go game received on the App Store and Google Play Store, Nintendo is gearing up to expand the legendary franchsie with yet another game for mobile – Pokeland. Here are the details.

Although the Pokemon Company followed that extremely successful Pokemon Go with two more games based on the popular franchise; Pokemon Duel and Pokemon: Magikarp Jump, recently. Now there is fourth game that has joined the group.

Called Pokeland. When playing the new Pokeland, gamers will have to collect toy versions of all of their favorite Pokemon and then battle through a number of islands while also trying to reach the Champion Tower. If everything of those sounds familiar it is because the game appears to be a mobile version of the Pokemon Rumble series.

The fusion between Go and the older Rumble edition, the game puts miniature Pocket Monsters in a series of trans-island duels. Meanwhile, you will also get a chance to collect and train tonnes of other creatures.

As tends to be the way right now. Expected to land on both iOS and Android, Pokeland will require an always-on internet connection to play and will link in with your Nintendo Account. Using it has the benefit of allowing of your Miis to join the game, though there are the obvious downsides assoiciated with a game that requires an internet connection to work. Namely, you won’t actually be playing Pokeland on a plane or when on underground trains etc. Unless there is WiFi available, obviously!

Starting today, the iconic gamemaker is rolling out an Android-only alpha test, owners in Japan will be able to access a limited portion of the game. The alpha version will give them access to six islands, 52 stages and 134 different kinds of Pokemon and those Pocket critters to explore in testing the game will also be able to climb to the 15th floor of the Champion Tower before the testing phase will stop them from progressing further. They won’t be able to transfer their accumulated player data once the official app launches.

Alpha testing is slated to run until June 9 – so locals who came late to the alpha version might have to wait a little longer to have a go in Pokeland. Gamers will not be able to carry their progress over to the final release when it becomes available. However, there is no concrete word yet on when the international release would happen for both iOS and Android, but we can only wait of the time.

Nintendo has been confidently riding on the Pokemon hype now. In addition to Go and now Pokeland, the Japanese giant launched the Sun and Moon edition last November and subsequently followed up with Duel a few months later and currently running on Magikarp Jump.


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