Pokemon Go 1.25.0 And 0.55.0 Update For iOS And Android Out Now Live

Niantic Labs has started rolling out Pokemon Go version 1.25.0 and 0.55.0 for iOS and Android respectively. In order to gain additional traction with new and existing users, the company behind the popular game is continually pushing the title forward, and generally just raise the standard of the game which is played by millions of users globally on a daily basis.

Any long-term Pokemon Go Trainer can understand about how Niantic Labs likes to issue updates to the app. Rather than waiting for months on end and than release one big update, the company appears to believe in a more sequel update procedure with frequent smaller improvements and additions.


This latest update to version 0.55.0 and 1.25.0 for Android and iOS actually is another prime example of that. Rather than any sweeping enhancements, changes or remodeling, this update is evolutionary once again.

With that said, Niantic has very much focused on improving the loading time and responsiveness of the game for those who access the title via an Android smartphone or tablet. Although the loading time of Pokemon Go has been significantly reduced on the Android platform, meaning Trainers will have full access to their favorite game a lot quicker. Niantic has also focused attention on the Pokemon Go Plus accessory in order to resolve any connectivity issues which Android users may have been experiencing when trying to use that device.

Additionally, there’s still a bit of love for iOS users as well, and more fanatically, those with an Apple Watch. Niantic has taken the game to a new level from an accessibility perspective by integrating iOS wheelchair support Pokemon hunters who use the Apple smartwatch version of the game. And of course, as is always the case with any Pokemon Go update, you will find the obligatory “minor text fixes” throughout the whole experience.


With this update release contains assorted bug fixes and otherwise unmentioned performance improvements designed to offer a better experience across the board on all devices and platforms.

The updates for both platforms already be in the process of propagating through the relevant app stores right now, and will reach up as an available update very soon, if not already. Enjoy those latest optimized Trainers!

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