Pokemon Go 1.27.2 / 0.57.2 Hack Released [Download Now]

You can download Pokemon Go 1.27.2 and 0.57.2 hack for iOS (PokeGo++ 1.27.2_2.0r-13.ipa) and Android right now.


Players with compatible devices can grab the new changes that this modified version of Pokemon Go brings to the table; the ability to walk around using nothing more than a joystick. Following the release of the aforementioned Pokemon Go updates, thosr playing with the hack enabled were out of luck, reason because it was a matter of time before the hacked version updated, making it fully ready for the latest and greatest version of the game to come out of Niantic Labs.

This hack is basically a modified version of the same release made available by Niantic Labs itself, then you’re going to get all the new hotness that was added as part of the most recent update.

There’s still chances to look forward to over 80 new Gen 2 Pokemon to catch as well as all the Chief smaller tweaks that Niantic Labs made to the game, it’s gameplay and any big fixes that were made at the same time. This being a hack though, there’s much more going on under the surface. That has the obvious advantage that gamers don’t actually need to move around in order to play the game.

This particular hack has covered, amongst other things and you would say that this is going against the thing that made the game so fun originally.


If you are doing your Pokemon catching on an Android device, then you can follow our previous guide here which will instruct you through the installation of the Pokemon Go hack. Just make sure you are running the latest 0.57.2 version of the game from the Google Play Store and that you have a compatible device before going ahead with those steps.

As for those iPhone and iPad, they can download the latest modified IPA file of the newer 1.27.2 version of the game from here. Installation guide follows on how to install it.

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