Pokemon Go Now Live In The UK For iOS And Android, Available For Download

United Kingdom residents no longer to feel like they are missing out on the Pokémon Go action as the game finally arrived on the U.K. app stores for both the Android and iOS.

Previously we have shared a post on downloading and installing an unofficial APK to get access to Pokémon Go on Android, or create a U.S. based iTunes account to get the title downloaded on Apple’s iPhone and iPad hardware. No longer the British people needs that anymore as they gets the action to enter into the world of Pokemon, as Niantic Lab’s mobile phenomenon is now officially available to download in the U.K. via the iOS App Store, and Android’s Google Play Store.

There’s has been malicious news regarding the green-eyed monster over the last few days as it resides under the fake Pokémon Go APK. The envious Europeans have had to shift through various forums and their Twitter timelines and see nothing but Pokemon Go related tweets from their American, Australian and New Zealand-based counterparts.

Those are three regions were the first to benefit from Pokémon Go availability, to start the process of using Pokéballs to capture Pokémon located all around the local environment. Of course, that also means they were the foremost to start tweeting about the game and making it known how entertaining and enjoyable it is.

Just yesterday after launching Pokémon Go into the German market, today it has been made officially available in the United Kingdom. Two European launches in two consecutive days pretty much points to the fact that support for additional European markets is on the cards in the coming days and weeks.

Nevertheless, British players have taken to the platform in their droves, even though it’s only been available for a amtter of hours. Meaning that the majority gyms have already been taken over and secured by trainers. Cheats, tweaks and more, once you reach a certain level there’s still a lot to experience and the opportunity to visit all of those gyms and make challenges with yours strongest Pokémon, as well as finding all of the numerous Pokéstops located around to collect bounty and goodies.

Have you got hands on the Pokémon Go action prior to it officially being launched in the United Kingdom using a non-U.K. iTunes Account, or an unofficial APK, then you’ll need to delete the app and reinstall it using the official version from the relevant U.K. app stores as linked below. Ensuring that to continue receiving periodical updates and new versions of the app lands as and when they become available. Logging in with the same account will persist all data so you won’t lose any status in the game anymore.

(Download: Pokémon Go for iPhone and iPad from the App Store)
(Download: Pokémon Go for Android from Google Play)

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