Pokemon Go To Get Three Major Content Updates Coming This Year

Niantic teases 3 three major updates coming to Pokemon Go in 2017. The creator of Pokemon Go revealed on Tuesday, while speaking at the latest iteration of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. Niantic’s Chief Executive Officer John Hanke said that the San Fransisco-based developer is still hard at work developing new features for its popular augmented reality (AR) game.


Niantic has also referred to the three major content updates that has in plans for this year, when speaking said that the Generation 2 update will be one of those key additions. Seeing how the inclusion of Gen 2 pocket monsters in Pokemon Go already started and is happening in stages, so it seems that the three massive upgrades Hanke was referring to won’t be rolling out on three occasions, but more of them.

Earlier this month, Niantic’s CEO confirmed that trading and a player vs. player battle system would be coming to Pokemon Go “soon”, but as always, didn’t provide any specific release dates. Rather, speaking at a keynote in Barcelona, Hanke provided a grain of added context – starting that three major new releases would hit Pokemon Go in 2017 (presumably in addition to the Generation 2 update).

Based on what we know about the road map for Pokemon Go, we assume he’s talking about Pokemon trading, PvP battles and a revamped gym system, other than that Hanke didn’t say what those releases would consist of. In fact, Niantic’s CEO was possibly talking about general content categories that the mobile game developer is actually planning to add to Pokemon Go this year.

Regarding upcoming Pokemon Go content updates, the head of San Fransisco-based developer didn’t go into any specifics, but his previous comments revealed that Niantic is working on a trading system, player-versus-player battles, and of course a major overhaul of the existing gym mechanics. It seems likely that the next major addition Pokemon Go to receive a redesign of the current gym system or PvP battles.


Otherwise, likely to roll out before Niantic is done with adding a second generation of pocket monsters to its mobile game. Currently, Pokemon Go features a little over 80 Generation 2 Pokemon and there’s a hundred of them in total, so another expansion of the creature pool will likely follow in the coming months.

Now that we can only expect that PvP battles or the new gym system will likely be the first of the three big updates. As for the timing, Niantic will in theory push out the updates when they’re ready. And if Generation 2 counts as the first of four major updates in 2017, it would make sense to space them out by about three months a piece, which we can probably expect the next update to land some time in May.


Pokemon Go, which isn’t as popular as it used to be back when it launched last JULY, the AR game is still attracting millions of daily users and is earning eight figures per month. In that case – state of affairs, Niantic will likely continue updating its hit mobile game for the foreseeable future. Niantic will surely share more information about the three “major new releases” when it has some concrete details to do so with us.

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