Pokemon Go Is Now Available For iOS And Android On App Store

The augmented reality mobile game from Nintendo, Pokemon Go is now rolling out for both the iOS and Android platform. Good news on the table is already starting and after being teased and widely interacted with as part of a closed beta, the official version of the hugely-anticipated is now on the go to different app stores around the world.

If you were, or still are, a big fan of the Pokemon franchise, then you have a chance to discover and capture the Pokemon all around you, catch ’em all. There’s even a $35 optical accessory that compliments the game from Niantic Labs.


However, it appears to be unavailable for some US users at this time, while Australia and New Zealand users are reporting the app is indeed available for both Android and iOS. This is a game which have been witnessed to many relatively unknown gaming titles landing on mobile and becoming instant smash hits around the globe. Those titles generally go on to build a name for themselves with multiple sequels that capitalize on the success of the original.

This Niantic Labs developed Pokemon Go definitely does not fall into the unknown gaming titles list, but rather comes with a bundle following and an audience who have been waiting with extreme patience for this to come out of the closed beta that it found itself free. Now appears to be that time.

The game itself is now showing as a public listing on the Google Play Store for most territories, but looks like it can currently only be downloaded and installed from the Play Store for gamers in the United States, as mentioned above.

If that’s the case and sporting a smartphone manufactured by the good people in Cupertino, aka Apple, then it eventually looks as though Pokemon Go title is now live in NZ and Australian App Store for immediate download, with availability in other regions likely coming soon. If you do get that download link, and aren’t familiar with Pokemon Go, then be prepared to venture into a gaming environment unlike any other.

For those who haven’t been following the title’ development, the game uses your smartphone’s camera and sensors, as well as location-based algorithms, to place pokemon in the real world. As you travel around the landmarks and notable locations in your city, you can catch the creatures and then train and battle them at gyms.


By installing Pokemon Go, you will be essentially turning your smartphone or tablet into a real world Pokedex, that’s responsible for finding and fighting Pokemon and Go on. If you are unable to continually interact and play the game, then you can rest peacefully knowing that the game is constantly looking in the background for Pokemon that are tied to real-world geography and environment. And by mean if you’re looking for a water Pokemon, then you’ll generally find them around bodies of water, and so on.

Currently, it’s a free app for now, Pokemon Go does contain microtransactions costing $0.99 to $99.99. You can also purchase a $35 wrist-worn wearable, due out some time this month, that lets you play the game without having to unlock your phone.

(Download: Pokemon GO for Android on the Play Store)
(Download: Pokemon GO for iPhone and iPad on the iOS App Store)

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