Pokemon Go Shiny Update Adds Magikarp And Gyarados To Its Roster [FAQ]

Pokemon Go latest versions for iOS and Android are here which may not demand the same level of attention that it once did, but Niantic seems to be planning endless events and trading, though has a bigger fish to fry thanks to the launch of Super Mario Run and the Nintendo Switch now, but developer Niantic is still hard at work with its game and had today published a new post in which it announced the arrival of Shiny Magikarp. Easily the best aspect of Pokemon Go’s new Water festival event was the surprise reveal that a long last, a single shiny Pokemon had made its way into the game.


The shiny Magikarp is a Pokemon Go extension has a gold-colored Magikarp that shows up on rare occasions in the wild, and that’s gotten a lot of people’s heads spinning. Shinnies are a huge collector’s item in the handheld games, and now it seems we’re awfully entering that era for Pokemon Go as well.

Niantic says that some gamers have already begun to discover the new Pokemon, but sightings of the Shiny Margikarp are extremely rare, so if you do spo one it might be wise to grab it when you have the chance!


Things based on the data and info we have seen across the internet, and playing the game itself, the question here is my Magikarp has white whiskers! Is it shiny? No, it’s female. Shiny Pokemon are relatively different in color, and have a little sparkle/shimmer effect as well. Another going further asking, what does a Shiny Magikarp look like? It actually be pure gold/light orange. Does it evolve into Shiny Gyarados? Answr is yes, it does. Shiny Gyarados is red and you will definitely know if you have one.

Keen to take full advantage of the social media hype machine, Niantic also wants gamers to share their story on Twitter should they be able to snag themselves a fancy new Shiny Magikarp.


“Trainers across the globe have reported sightings of golden Magikarp in the wild. These Shiny Magikarp are extremely rare, so pay close attention to the Magikarp you encounter while you’re out exploring the world to make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to catch one!”

If you do, then be sure to tag the tweet with #PokemonGo. You wouldn’t really want to miss the chance of showing other Pokemon Go gamers your rare new find, would you?

Although the new Shiny Magikarp are extremely rare, Niantic does say the words, rather has not given any kind of indication as to what the odds of finding a shiny Magikarp are of spotting one when out and about, enjoying the game. Since Magikarp is the only skiny Pokemon in the wild so far, the numbers are probably different. Right now there are more Magikarp spawning than other types because of this event. This is unclear, as date is still being collected. Stay tuned for more, detailed answers regarding Pokemon Go’s shinny Magikarp and Shiny Gyarados.

Whatever they are, those chances are sure to increase the Fan fare you play the game, which is obviously Niantic’s intention indeed. Being Pokemon Go and your fascination was just beginning to wane, now may be the good time to give it another go!


Magikarp, Pokemon’s eternal punching bag, has now became the game’s most popular monster because of the Water Festival event – and not because of the Pokemon itself! It’s the first Pokemon in the game that comes in a shiny variant. These rare recolors can transform a Pokemon’s entire look, and because of they have noticeable markings and colors than standard Pokemon, catching a shiny Pokemon is an obvious achievement. Finally! A shiny Magikarp isn’t just cool because it’s a collector’s item, though. When it evolves into the much more powerful Gyarados, it retains that unique coloring, becoming what’s known as the red Gyarados, a Pokemon that figured heavily into the storyline of Pokemon Gold and Silver.


Yes, if you have enough Magikarp candy – you will definitely need a whopping total of 400 – you can, of course, evolve your Shiny Magikarp into a Shiny Gyarados!

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