Pokémon ‘Sun’ And ‘Moon’ For Nintendo 3DS Should Make Its Debut On February 26th

We all known by now that Nintendo will be announced Pokemon Sun and Moon today while broadcasting a new Pokemon Direct to celebrate 20 years of the franchise and to reveal a new chapter probably, on February 26th.

The Pokemon video game series is although turning 20 this week, and Nintendo is determined to broadcast the occasion with a band. Hoting a Pokemon Direct today where it will be “celebrating” the anniversary…and, presumably, announcing some new generation games. However, the company hasn’t spelled its beans on saying anything about what’s upcoming, but Nerdleaks has unearthed recently-filed trademarks for both the Pokemon Sun and Pokenom Moon, which doesn’t take much to connect the dots and realize that these are the new games Nintendo is most likely going to show off during its live stream.

Knowing of nothing on what actually the Japanese publisher will showcase in details right away. Looking at the trademarks registered in the European Market, discovered two new registrations requested by Nintendo itself. named “PoKéMoN SUN” and “PoKéMoN MOON“, and both they report a logo.

Of course, it’s undeniable that Nintendo has intension to introduce two new Pokemon game versions, but we still got know idea for what platforms, nevertheless it’s very likely that the two titles will be made available for Nintendo 3DS.

For now, the Nintendo Pokémon Direct is scheduled for tomorrow, February 26, at 16.00 CET/15.00 GMT/7.00 am PT and it will be broadcasted on Twitch at twitch.tv/nintendo and Nintendo Direct website at nintendo.com/nintendo-direct live.

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