Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Easter Eggs: Best Hidden Secrets That You Missed | Shops & Facilities

Starting with the Festival Plaza that’s still the most confusing part of Pokemon Sun and Moon, so here’s the complete guide on how exactly and what you’ll need to get bottle caps and which shops and facilities are worth the wait, are buds. Main criteria is how to get the facilities you want.


However, the Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon are the first set of Generation VII Pokémon games for Nintendo 3DS are role-playing video games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo. Your journey in Pokemon Sun and Moon will take you across the beautiful islands of the Alola region, where you’ll encounter newly discovered Pokemon, that have taken on a new Alolen style. You may even encounter powerful Legendary Pokemon and other special Pokemon, such as a mysterious guardian deities. Keep track of all the Pokemon you’ve seen and caught with the new Rotom Pokédex.

Pokémon Sun and Moon has been out for a couple of weeks now and players are still trying to find out all of Alola’s secrets. Gamefreak and Pokemon Company really put a ton of love and effort into making this world feel as real as possible and also included some amazing Easter eggs. Some of those are references to older games, while others are simply neat little nods or opo culture references.

About the absolutely favorite Easter eggs in Pokemon Sung and Moon are there. Reminder, there will be spoilers for the game in here.

Nugget Bridge

At the Malie Gardnen to the north of Malie City, you can see five trainers waiting on a yellow bridge. Each one you beat moves you forward, allowing you to fight the trainer at the end of the bridge. He asks if you would like to join Team Rocket and then a fight ensues. After beating him, you get a Nugget for your troubles and says that Team Rocket is no longer around. If you are an old trainer, this should all sound familiar, this si a direct reference to the original Nugget Bridge from Red, Blue and Yellow.

Kanto References Everywhere

Don’t think that the Nugget Bridge is the only allusion to the original games in Sun and Moon. Your character just moved from Kanto, the first world from Red and Blue, Professor Kukui brings up Lance and the original Elite Four and Lillie has to go see Bill to learn more about human/Pokemon transformations. Red and Blue, the protagonist and antagonist from the OG games, even make an appearance. It’s like Nintendi is trying to bring up back to our Pokemon roots.

Game Freak Office

Although every single Pokemon game offers a small snippet of the Gamefreak offices, the place where all the Pokemon games are made. Usually they are just small rooms where you can show your maxed out Pokedex for a prize, but Sun and Moon is a bit different. The developers put painstaking detail into recreating the actual office in Heahee City.

There’s Ash

Near Route 14, where you enter the adandoned supermarket, you can eventually see a picture of Ash Ketchum inside the closet where Mimikyu hiding. It’s very tiny, but nevertheless, there’s no denying that red hat, blue coat and happy Pikachu on his shoulder.

Bonus: Ash’s Shirt

This one isn’t the actual game, it’s too god to pass up. In the new Sun and Moon anime series, Ash wearing a shirt that alludes to the original games. It’s the old Surf image, no matter what Pokemon you were riding, it always looked like a disgruntled Seel.

Like the aforementioned, there are still a to of other little nods in the game, such as a construction worker handing you exactly 1776 dollars near what looks like an American flag in the Aether foundation’s building. Maxx’s video has al of these little nods.

What Shops Are Worth Getting?

Rare Kitchen

At the beginning, having one of these of your Festival Plaza is kind of useless. Farming one level at a time in exchange for bottle caps, which are extremely important when you want to max your Pokemon’s stats, will just waste your time and currency. You have to get your Festival Plaza to at least level 30 and have beaten the Elite Four.

Get the Rare Dinner, which gives you seven level-ups for 100 FC. You can’t spam it all the way to100, but can get to level 98, which is damn near close. Getting a Pokemon to level 100 is super important now with Hyper Training. Because, you can trade bottle caps for IVs to Mr. Hyper in Hau’oli City, but only when your Pokémon is max level.

Dye Shop

You can have one of these at any level if you just want to change your colors to something basic, but if you want some cool effects, you are going to need rank five. At that rank Dye Shop, you can get dark, pastel and even brighter colors.

Treasure Hunt (rating 5 Stars)

The best lottery out of the three available, the Treasure Hunt stand will give you massive payoffs if you are lucky enough. Getting a golden bottle cap isn’t that easy, but having a Treasure Hunt stand at least makes it doable.

Fortune Teller Tent

With 5 Stars. Using one of these increases the amount of FC you can get, it’s not as useless as you think. Stack these as much as possible if you really want more FC. Getting a “|very good” fortune will give you four times as much FC for Wonder Trades, Battle Spots and anything that happens at the Festival Plaza. Reddit user has a super in-depth guide for that.

Here’s How To Farm The Facilities/Shops You Want

Getting the perfect shop on your Festival Plaza isn’t easy and requires a lot of luck. You definitely need to have a higher level Festival Plaza if you want to get five or four star buildings.

This exploit essentially tricks Sophocles, Festival Plaza’s caretaker, into giving you the shop that you want. Get enough FC to level up, wait for the confetti, but do not walk inside the castle. Farm enough FC to get close to leveling up again, two or four should be fine, and then go to the GTS or Wonder Trade.

Go offline, quite the plaza and save your game. When you load back in, go inside the castle and talk to Sophocles who will give you a new facility that will always be the same. Talk to the person next to the trade right of you that will give you a bonus for the trade. This will level up your Festival Plaza again and amazingly you’ll get a new facility or shop. Reset the game if you don’t like ir or keep in in your park.

Note: This trick won’t work for most levels, only 2 through 8 or past 100. Thanks to iDigitaltimes for all these tricks and tips.

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