Popular Jailbreak Tweaks Gets Updated To Support iOS 9.3.3 [Activator]

China-based Pangu Team has although surprised the whole jailbreak community by releasing a tool that provides device owners with a semi-untethered jailbreak, but actually, that’s only one part of a larger puzzle. Activator, is one of the most important utility that is now been added to that compatibility list.

Being able to jailbreak a device and access Cydia is one point, but being able to download and install tweaks and extensions with the latest version of iOS is another ballgame entirely. There’s a growing and dynamic public list of packages that are compatible with iOS 9.3.3, the extremely popular Activator tweak updated now.


Owners of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch have always been involved in the jailbreak community for a while will undoubtedly have a core set of tweaks that they install whenever a new jailbreak is achieved. Perhaps it could be a small utility but nevertheless that improves the iOS platform in one way or another. Or else, it could be a large installation that entirely overwrites how a specific part of Apple’s platform looks and functions, such as introducing a revamped Control Center or multitasking experience. Regardless of what that install be, the changes are that it has an Activator integration in one way or another.

Things in the world of jailbreak getting more interesting. Sometimes a tweak or extension is perfectly compatible with a new version of iOS, but its dependencies still require updating process before it can function in the correct best manner.

There’s tweak that needs Activator to function, such as those that require the user to create a unique gesture to invoke the functionality of the package, should now be able to be downloaded and enjoyed on iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.3.3 thanks to the latest version of Activator being pushed out to Cydia.


The updating of Activator is a damn good indication that the big players in the jailbreak community are starting to bring compatibility to their core packages. For those that are new to iOS jailbreaking, Activator is a handy utility developed by Ryan Petrich that facilitates the creation and involvement to use of centralized gestures, as well as button and shortcut management within iOS. Instance, if a tweak or installation requires a gesture or button combination to be activated, it’s something likely that it will be handled by Activator.

Activator can be downloaded from the BigBoss repository in Cydia for free of charge.

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