Prisma App For iOS And Android Brings Location Based Feeds, New Features In Major Update

One of the best photo sharing app Prisma for iOS and Android gets updated with new location-based photo feeds and just got even better than earlier. Prisma, being promoted as an artistic app! Turns your live photos into awesome artworks using modern art filters, photo editor and picture effects on your smartphone itself and later can be shared through your social network pages.

Of course, with the new update on Android and iOS, Prisma becomes the best photo editing app. Rather than resting on its laurels, the editor app is adding more than enough features to help maintain the early levels of interest. Yes, both Google and Apple named Prisma the popular and trending app of the year 2016.

In 2017, Prisma is also going to become even better. Prisma now, allows you to transform your photos into works of art. You choose a photo from a range of different styles designed to emulate famous artists. And seconds later your photos look like it like has been painted rather than shot.

Appears to be simple-yet-effective trick meant Prisma took off quickly onto the top photo apps list. But, with each and every photograph being art worked in the cloud, the service frustrated its users. Nevertheless, Prisma is now able to manage the transformations locally on your device, meaning those frustrations have disappeared.

With the latest update to Prisma app makes some major improvements and adding some new features such as location based feeds. Is that Prisma becoming a social network in its own kind right now is in question. Currently, users create artwork in the app itself and then able to share it elsewhere. But Prisma is extremely focusing on start sharing the artwork we create in Prisma on Prisma itself.

To make this happen, Prisma has added “Profile” and “Feed” tabs. While the Prisma Profile lets you create your own one, and followed by other users. And Feed offers a different variety of location-based feed of images created by users nearby. As photos start trending, they’ll be seen by more people further albiet.

In addition to the social features, Prisma also giving users an opportunity when it comes to their actual photos too. Prisma has doubled the resolution available for each shot, and (on iOS at least) you can also now change the aspect ratio to something other than the default square.

This new update comes from Prisma just after Instagram released its Photo Maps inclusion. Prisma’s new interactive map will allows users to see images shared from a particular area by simply tapping. The map can be used to check trending or recent photos from around the world. The Free Aspect Ratio’ now allows a new cropping tool that no longer resticts your transformed images from cropping and cutting. You can publish photos in dimensions beyond a 1:1 square.

You can grab the latest version of Prisma on Android and on iOS now. Lets you browser photos in location-based feeds.

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