Prisma iOS And Android Apps To Get Video Support Very Soon [Demo]

Alongside Pokémon Go, Prisma photo editing app went viral in the recent days, officially made available for download on Android and iOS devices. The same app has now been confirmed to get full support for video editing as well.

Prisma is one of those apps uses unique combination of neural networks and deep artificial intelligence, thus helps user turn memorable moments into timeless art of works.


If you look at the statistics, the iOS Prisma app version has already been installed on over 12.5 million since its release and has 1.55M daily active users that are processing a total of over 500 million images. While the Android Prisma version in its first day of release, has had reached 1.7M downloads with 50 million images processed through the app.

The released Prisma app for both the iOS and Android currently only supports photo editing and is expected to bring support for videos as well “in several weeks”, as per the Prisma Labs co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov. Also said the technology for editing filters to video s already ready, but the company however needs to adjust its infrastructure to support the loads in high that comes with video editing. That’s the fact!


For those who haven’t already seen Prisma images popping up all over the web, image sharing groups and social media feeds, the app takes any user-supplied image as a starting point and then uses a series of its network to re-create it from scratch in various artistic styles.

It has also proved hugely popular app, Prisma managing to gain a high level of social media attention even in the face of incredible competition from Pokémon Go.


Although, some users have already been creating Prisma videos by painstakingly breaking down their source video into individual frames, processing them one-at-a-time with the Prisma app and then reassembling them into a video file. Developers of Prisma says, the next major update of the app will get support for in creation of short videos natively.

What’s more incredible would be? Further into the future, we can also expect to see immersive 360 degree Prisma videos as well as VR content. Because, the company behind Prisma has also demoed real-time live broadcasting of video with Prisma effects.

Alternatively, the authentic version of Prisma for Android can be found here. There are no plans to charge for the app or introduce in-app purchases. and according to one of Prisma’s co-founders, it will remain free to use with income generated from sponsored filters such as examples currently available from Palmolive and Gett.

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