PRODUCT(RED) iPhone X Concept Reveals Gorgeous Red Steel Frame, Glass Combo

Just after Apple wrapped off of its new (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, complete with a new design, sees black front panel being used on a red device for the first time, unfortunately, we haven’t witnessed the launch of a Red iPhone X at the press release.

Although the new design Apple released is absolutely gorgeous and there is no denying the fact that a black and red iPhone is perhaps the most striking color combination to arrive in an Apple product line since those colored iMacs back in the day.

Nevertheless, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus got in on the action, the high-end flagship iPhone X did not. Apple hasn’t said a word whether this will change the future of iPhone sales or not, but based on multiple concepts envisions of what that might look like, the renders and images really look awesome, should happen.

From the past we shared one example of what a (PRODUCT)RED iPhone X could look like thanks to designer Martin Hajek last month, a today we have another instance that comes in video form and truly revealing the point home.

The concept shows red stainless steel edges merged with a red glass back that absolutely looks like it would drive home the premium look and feel that the iPhone X already exudes no matter which color you go for. Go Green?

I bet you and all would absolutely love to see Apple make a (PRODUCT)RED iPhone X, before seeing this video. Now, it is believed that anyone who doubts how good such as device could look will change their minds after watching the two-minute concept and heartily recommend everyone checks it out before penning an email to Apple demanding this thing is built! Ready for booking next year!

(Source: Concept Creator [YouTube])

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