Project Fuchsia: Google’s Mysterious Forecast May Replace Android, Chrome OS In 3-5 Years

According to Bloomberg, Google is quietly working on a successor project to Android and Chrome OS codenamed Fuchsia OS. The project Fuchsia is something that has been in the public domain for a few years but little is actually known till now.

Google’s Project Fuchsia is something that has long been posited to be Google’s ultimate replacement for Android. Now that we have some indication on that it is indeed the case after reports emerge regarding Fuchsia’s main aim is to create an operating system that is capable of being run on any and all of Google’s Android-based devices.

Project 'Fuchsia': Google Is Quietly Working on a Successor to Android

If this is the truth, then that would ultimately mean the end of Android and Chrome OS. All this will apparently start with some sort of connected smart home equipment, devices that will launch within three years, with everything else coming along after.

Google hopes to have Fuchsia in place, could be an AI built architecture, across all of its platforms, within the next five years, according to the report.

Apple, in a similar fashion, has also been rumored the prospect of a one-size-fits-all operating system, especially with Project Marzipan in the works. It’s very much important to note is that; neither Google CEO Sunder Pichai nor Android and Chrome chief Hiroshi Lockheimer have thrown the project the green light yet. That means this is far from being an official roadmap that all of Google is working via, so the three to five year ETA (estimates) for Fuchsia devices could be some way off the mark after all.

While the recent ruling of European Commission fines Google a record-breaking $5 billion for Android and Chrome OS antitrust violations. With both Chrome OS and Android already having huge teams working on them, and so much work having been piled into their development, how many people will want to work with the forecast of Fuchsia hanging over them?

What we’d to suggest is checking the full Bloomberg article out, especially considering the sources that we all know Mark Gurman has, but remember that this is far from being green light for now, particularly before getting your hopes for a unified Google platform too high.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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