Protect Your New Apple AirPods From Theft With This Sticker

About Apple’s wireless earphones, AirPods, the Bluetooth powered earbuds, many people were vocally upset when the company took the decision to kill the headphone jack, but of all the design missteps in the post-Steve Jobs ear, the AirPods is now a biggest hit. The production of Apple AirPods has increased to keep up with strong demand, also been raised to a fever pitch. Today we are here to notify that there are several other things to say that AirPods are perfect for those with a handset that lacks a 3.5mm audio jack, which directly means that millions of Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users who are potential customers for the newly introduced wireless product.

Orders for the AirPods are almost taking six weeks to ship, but a latest report out of China reveals that AirPods supplier Inventec is extremely working overtime as its Shanghai factory. This additional production will help balancing out the lopsided demand-supply equation. If this report anything becomes true, shipping times should eventually start coming down.

How does AirPods work?

The Apple AirPods pair with your iPhone or iPad model using a single tap. Sensors turn on the device when you place them in your ears, and by tapping on them twice will activate Siri. In fact, AirPods run for as long as 5 hours on a single charge, and about 15-minutes in the carrying case will give you more than enough power to enjoy three hours of listening time. However, the case carries enough battery life (like what a Power bank does) to keep the AirPods running for over 24-hours with multiple charging sessions.

The Apple AirPods are today’s hottest product and the Cupertino-based company is having trouble meeting the unexpectedly high demand that followed the delay launch. To that end, Apple’s AirPods manufacturer is reportedly in the progression of expanding AirPods production capacity. It all adds up to what Apple CEO Tim Cook calls “A runaway success”.

With Apple fans the $159 iPhone accessory is a big success and AirPods can be ordered directly from Apple’s online store right now. If you’re looking to find out when the AirPods will be in stock near you, you can check it out right here.

Apple AirPods Protection With This Sticker?

Now that to protect AirPods from theft, this handy little sticker might help with one problem – the tiny $160 headphones are highly stealable. Specifically tailored to fit on the front of an AirPod case, this translucent sticker will convincingly disguise the wireless headphones as an ordinary pack of floss. In the event that the tiny storage device gets left on the breakdown table, for example, a co-worker with sticky fingers would be more likely to overlook it.

Apple AirPods Protection from Theft
One biggest problem with the Apple AirPods design would be that they’re not good for active situations like jogging, they’re easy to drop in a toilet and if you misplace one of them, it will definitely cost $69 to replace. The best solution to clarify is to be buying a third-party accessory that adds a wire to the wireless technological wonder. To witness, how this guy figured out keeping these AirPods from falling out of his ears.


(Twitter User: Andrew Cornett)

Although they’re officially hit the market, only time will tell if the public is willing to overlook the actual headaches. Tim Cook told that the AirPods “are a runaway success”. If that’s true, people want them, so a $5 anti-theft investment doesn’t matter now.

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