Prototype Pixel 3 Xl Photos Allegedly Shows Notch, Dual Front Camera, Chin

Apparently, this news was not anything new on what Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 Xl will look like when they ship later this year. There have been several questionable leaks that claim to show what we can expect when that happens.

Now that we are reading another round of leaks, presumably, this time around showing what appears to be an early prototype for the larger of the two devices, complete with the same visible treasures that had previously been speculated.

Rumored images, which first of its kind popped up over on the XDA-Developers forums show a phone that looks eerily similar to what previous leaks have suggested the Pixel 3 Xl will look alike. Previously, it showed an image that includes the notch at the top of Pixel 3 Xl display, but that so many people seem to be against as well as the sizeable chin apparently required in order to get those stereo speakers onto the face of the device.

Everything merges perfectly with reports from the likes of Bloomberg, although the lack of Google’s logo around the back of the device likely speaks to its prototype origins.

With no doubt in mind, the thing most will point to here is that notch, something that has been a polarizing factor ever since the iPhone X launched late last year and has continued to divide people even as just above every Android phone maker has followed suit.

For instance, we have some of the best 20+ iPhone X Copycats to look at first. And also the new OnePlus 6 and the Chinese maker’s Xiaomi Mi 8 as well.

If Google is doing the same, at least for the Pixel 3 XL as this leak points to confirm, then we can expect there to be plenty of push back. But we don’t think Google will go that way similar to the Apple’s iPhone X, rather choose another way to implement if possible.

Rumors of there being two cameras in that notch haven’t yet explained what they are there for, so it may yet turn out that the notch is worth it if it adds a worthwhile feature.

Notch notwithstanding, we have to say we do like the overall look of this, but we’ll reserve judgment until we see something a little more production-ready.

(Source: XDA-Developers)

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