PS4 5.0 Jailbreak Exploit Discovered Already By This Hacker

Here’s a good news for all those in the world looking at PS4 hacking. Now that we have the latest headlines speaking about the hope of PS4 jailbreak coming to the platform.

Hacker Luca Todesco has announced that he has been able to crack the latest version of the PS4’s software – version 5.0 which was released a few weeks ago.


Although there was an exploit that worked on older versions of the PS4’s software. This would be the first one that will work on the latest release. Luca was involved in the modification of PS4 software version 1.76, which led to a jailbreak years ago and he also was known as qwertyoruiop now once at the forefront of the hacking attempts.

It was already rumored, version 5.0 of the PS4’s software was susceptible to the same exploit as an earlier release. It would now appear this may have allowed Luca to get into version 5.0 today. The exploit, which worked on version 4.5, now appears to still be present there only.

With the possibility of running homebrew applications on existing and future versions of the PS4’s software and the latest version 5.0 has been hacked. So we are edging closer to the possibility of a jailbreak being made available once again. Jailbreaking would allow the running of non-standard code that has not been signed. It’s potentially opening the gates for all manner of software implementations that could turn the PS4 from a home entertainment system within a walled fence into a powerful computer capable of running all kinds of applications.

There are several disasters, but things never looked so easy in the world of PS4 hacking.

(Source: Luca Todesco [Twitter])

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