Jailbreak For PS4 5.00 Version Update Achieved With Full Kernel Access

A firmware exploits for the latest version 5.00 of PS4 software was discovered by hacker Luca Todesco aka qwertyoruiop recently. It was only a matter of time before a full jailbreak for the gaming console was done and it would appear that it has now happened with the same hacker achieving full kernel access.

This is what was required in order to make a successful jailbreak for the PS4 using the most recent software, and now it becomes a reality.


How does it work? It would appear that the jailbreak has been achieved by using an existing and public WebKit exploit, made available again by Luca – to find a vulnerability within PS4’s firmware. Luca has also posted a photo to Twitter that would appear to corroborate this too. Before you all go excited about, we are still a way off this being made available for anyone else to try out with the chief reason for that being a need to keep vulnerabilities a secret.

Also, Luca does hold his jailbreak back in order to protect the exploit it uses. While today’s news is as important as previous for the community, though, it will only serve as a source of frustration that a PS4 jailbreak is so near yet so far away. For now, in this current situation, it would seem that all we can really do is hope a second exploit is found and found soon as possible.

As always, we’ll keep you updated with if anything comes out as soon as we get to learn more about the whole PS4 jailbreak situation. Stay tuned for more.

(Source: Luca Todesco [Twitter])

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