PS4 5.01 Jailbreak Exploit Shown In New PoC [Prototype]

Provoking Sony’s PS4 is something of a chaos these days, and while the jailbreaking of iPhones and iPads was once the biggest tasks that hackers found themselves drawn to, PS4 jailbreaking is the same as attractive to those capable of taking Sony’s most recent game console and hacking it to bits.

Literally, with each new release of the PS4’s software, Sony closes more and more security holes, making it very difficult to hack. That’s what makes it so attractive, and now a new proof-of-concept for a PS4 version 5.01 hack is available, showing off all the fun and excitement far from over.

Developer AlexZzZ has released a prototype exploit for PS4 Firmware 5.01. Shared via GitHub, the new proof-of-concept is available now and is based around a WebKit exploit. Besides the fact that the stolen information cannot be used “as is” to jailbreak a PS4 5.01, which is nowhere to be found on the typical public scene sites. And the ReadMe for the PoC mentions that it does definitely work on PS4 software version 5.01 and that it may also work on others, although that has not been confirmed.

Based on:

  • CVE-2017-7005
  • PegaSwitch (Copyright 2017 ReSwitched Team)
  • 4.0x exploit by qwertyoruiopz

This exploit supports 5.01 (maybe others)!

The newly leaked exploit relies on a fairly recent WebKit vulnerability, and it’s likely the PS4 exploit which was ported from the Switch. This is not likely to be something the average jailbreak fan takes advantage of, it does potentially give others a new starting point from which to create more user-friendly jailbreaks. Installation and usage of this particular leak, PoC is outlined in the same ReadMe, although we don’t expect many “normal” users to be trying out it just yet.


  1. Install the latest version of node from
  2. Clone this repository
  3. Run npm install


  1. Run npm start

Typically, in order to get a functional jailbreak of the console, one definitely needs two exploits a user-mode exploit which gives you limited code execution control within a specific process (target is WebKit), followed by some privilege escalation to get full access to the system (the kernel exploit).

PS4 5.00 Jailbreak Achieved

Hacking of PS4 continues to prove popular among those who may previously have turned their hand to iOS. While Sony has so far been able to block or prevent widespread jailbreaking of its console, as well as what would become equally widespread piracy. Though it isn’t stopping hackers from poking around and that’s good news indeed.

It is unclear at this point if the WebKit exploit works on PS4 Beta firmware 5.50, while others say it’s been patched in 5.50 or will be patched by the time the Beta is over, and on this, no clear data appears so far.

You can download PS4 5.01 WebKit exploit proof-of-concept on the developer’ GitHub here.

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