PS4 5.50 Jailbreak: 4.55 Public Exploit Rewritten To Work With New Firmware, Details Here

PS4 5.50 jailbreak is releasing soon? Hacker qwertyoruiop has shared something on that latest PlayStation 4 firmware 5.50 can now be exploited. To achieve that, the same developer has rewritten the existing exploit that worked with firmware 4.55. Here are the details.

For those PS4 homebrew fans and not exactly in the world to know that it is perhaps the most interesting community to keep an eye on right now. New exploits being found seemingly more regularly than the world of iOS jailbreaking and some high profile iOS names now playing a big role over the PS4 hacking community, there is plenty to sink your teeth into.

A news shared by hacker via Twitter has found out that the recently released PS4 software version 5.50 can now be exploited.

The latest is purely based on a previous one that worked just fine on PS4 firmware 4.55. With version 5.50 released, Sony patched that particular hole. Although, not for long enough, as we told you all about the PS4 firmware hack earlier was good to go on 4.55 recently, and now, despite Sony’s effort, those who upgraded to 5.50 are also apparently, being able to get their exploit on thanks to qwertyoruiop’s work.

With the previous exploit caused lots of excitement last week when it was turned into a full firmware 4.55 jailbreaking solution. There was otherwise a YouTube video shared in which we saw the whole process carried out, complete with the insinuation that a payload could be attached to the WebKit exploit that would eventually open the PS4 up to the usual things we expect with jailbreaking particularly piracy.

The next firmware 5.50 jailbreak exploit incoming. it’s likely that saw Sony patch the exploit initially. And for that very same reason, we expect Sony to also be working to patch everything all over again in their upcoming release.

For now, you can download qwertyoruiop’s work document for firmware 5.50

(Source: quertyoruiop [Twitter])

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