PS4 Firmware 4.5 Beta Supports External USB HDD, 3D Blu-ray Playback On PS VR, More

Beta testing by Sony for PlayStation 4 software update version 4.5 has started today, and a host of new features being added to the console that should eventually give gamers plenty to get their teeth into. This new version of PS4 firmware 4.5 beta codenamed Sasuke brings with it interesting editions that add functionality to both the PS4 itself and Sony’s PS VR headset. Most genuinely the final version of the PS console be able to support external hard drives with the new update. Here are the details you will need to know.

One of the most useful changes that will come as part of the update is support for external USB HDDs. Straight of the bat, this feature alone has the potential to be a game changer for PS4 owners with consoles that are constantly running out of space. Xbox One had this same feature for ages. And now?


The update also allows the use of custom wallpapers, a quick refresh button to see more accurately where your friends are, and even 3D Blu-ray support for PlayStation VR also present. External USB HDD support means gamers will be able to connect external USB drives with a capacity of up to 8TB. Provided to those who simply don’t normally have the space required to save games and progress. It’s been a big deal done to Sony for finally implementing such as feature.

Owners of PS VR headset are in for a big treat here, too. Following installation of the beta update, they will be able to watch 3D Blu-ray disks in 3Dvia their headset, removing the need to own a 3D TV. With such huge editions, such TVs now finally dead, that’s good news for anyone who wants to have cars and knives come flying at them but don’t want to go down an otherwise obsolete 3D TV route.

It’s easy to upgrade the HDD that came with your PS4, but if you’re still looking for more storage space on the console, we’ve got you covered. With this update, you have the option to store content to an external HDD. Just plug a USB 3.0 HDD into your PS4, and voilà, you now have more space on the console.

This is compatible with HDDs up to 8TB in size. You can download and install applications directly to your extra storage, and the saved contents are easily manageable through the settings menu.

Other inclusions include social features such as being able to post updates directly to their Activity Feed just they would on Twitter or Faceboo, as well as post screenshots to the same feed.

Meanwhile, the Wii U could do that out of the box. External hard drive support on the Wii U wasn’t only standard practice, which was a necessary to fit some games on the system itself. Glad the PS4 finally caught up to Nintendo..?


Additions other than many more features that Sony is adding as part of this update, such as a refreshed Quick Menu and the ability to tweak and set your SHARE screen as a custom background.


To learn more. For further information on the beta update, you can head over to the PlayStation blog linked below. Fans, are you ready to buy the biggest USB HDD that you find for your PS4.

(Source: PlayStation)

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