Full Public PS4 Jailbreak For The Second Time Released, Here Are The Details

First PS4 Jailbreak has been shown in a proof-of-concept recently, and now we have news that a second public jailbreak for PS4 v4.55 of the console’s software is fully ready to go.

Earlier, a developer @qwertyyourip had released the full code for his PS4 firmware 4.55 kernel exploit, causing much giddiness despite the fact that the exploit still required a user-mode entry point in order to be of much use.

It was then been confirmed that this was possible only via a WebKit exploit previously released by the same developer, though, that was only compatible with PS4 firmware 4.07, meaning that the exploit would only work on PS4s with the older version of the software installed, at least for now.

The jailbreak scene continues to evolve, with developer SpecterDev announcing via Twitter that he had published a full implementation of @qwertyourip’s version 4.55 kernel exploit on GitHub, opening PS4 firmware 4.55 to jailbreaking. This is the premier time the homebrew community has had access to this on a more recent release of the PS4’s software.

He, SpecterDev also said that his code had a built-in mechanism to allow it to listen for a payload of some sort, allowing those payloads to be executed upon receipt.

All that essentially means, this is apparently the second full public jailbreak available now for PS4. Those interested can get it over at crack.bargains/455_v2.

Here’s a video of it in action:

(Source: @SpecterDev [Twitter])

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